Know the Importance of Diwali gifts

Know the Importance of Diwali gifts

Various kinds of gifts are exchanged between people and these are mostly given on special occasions like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, weddings, etc. People give gifts according to their budget, some may give presents at a high price or some may give economical gifts. One can now send gifts to any part of the world and you can also send Diwali gifts in Chandigarh, Jammu, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, or any state in India. You can also send gifts outside the country on festivals or other important days. In this way, you send your love to your loved ones who are living far from you. Indians spend more money mostly on Diwali to buy sweets, decorative items like lights and candles, clothes, jewelry, etc which they bring to their houses and they also do the shopping for others which they want to give them in the form of presents. The following points can explain the reason behind these gifts. 

To perform traditions

It started a long ago to give and take gifts on Diwali and it became a part of tradition later on. There is no mention of the exchange of gifts between people of Ayodhya in the history of Diwali, so it is added to the tradition later on. Initially, people used to lit clay lamps and prepare sweets at their homes. There was no tradition of giving sweets and other things. Now, as it has become a part of the rituals of the festival, Diwali is considered incomplete without exchanging gifts. Now, people can get a chance to taste the sweets made by others when received as presents, therefore Diwali gifts giving and taking has helped this way. 

To get the return gift

Some people give gifts because they are socially obliged to do so and they know that they are going to get the gift if they give the gift. They sometimes give expensive Diwali gifts to friends or neighbors to get the gifts of the same or more price in return but they should stop this practice as they can create problems for others as they sometimes find it hard to give costly return gifts.

To show kindness 

Many people spend money to purchase the things of basic necessities for poor people and they sometimes give cash gifts to them. They give gifts to help others and they do not expect anything in return for themselves. They just expect the happiness of other people. Instead of wasting money on unnecessary things like crackers, the spending of money on these things should be encouraged. 

To spread happiness 

People of Ayodhya were happy on the return of Lord Rama after fourteen years of exile, therefore it is the festival of happiness. People should celebrate the happiness on the occasion of Diwali and should share this happiness in the form of Diwali gifts in Chennai. As they say, happiness can be increased by sharing. This also shows how gifts can be used to express emotions. 

To show respect and devotion 

When they worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, they offer traditional sweets, money, and flowers to their sculptures in order to show their devotion and love for their lords. They also visit temples where they offer these things in temples, as well. 

Some people like to give gifts only to show off their wealth and they give importance to materialistic things which is wrong as the main motive to give gifts is to express emotions like love, care, affection, sympathy, respect, devotion, etc. Gifts should not be only materialistic things because there can be other gifts also like one can give the gift of time to someone which means he or she can spend quality time with someone. Out of their busy schedules, they should take out time for their loved ones. You can even give the gift of a lovely experience to someone like you can take someone to visit any place or to do any activity. This can help save good memories. A gift of teaching can be given to any of your friends who is asking you to teach him or her any useful skill. These skills may be cooking, driving, swimming, or dancing and one can learn a lot from these experiences.