Important Role Of Colors In Exhibition stand Display

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The color can play a significant role in improving your trade booth display. The right color is as important as the right shape and size of your stand. By choosing an appropriate color for your exhibition stand design you can communicate the right message to your audience. Color is the only element that adds the tone and integrates all other things in your stand. As per the survey, it has been observed that people make a subconscious judgment on their surrounding environment within 90 seconds and most of them are based on the color of the objects. This means colors form an important part in all exhibition stand design. On the basis of the survey, it has been also observed that more than half of customers do not visit again your stall due to the visual aesthetics of your exhibition stand display.

If you have ever experienced the situation in which a lot of customers leave your store within few seconds and never come back then it means the appearance of your stand is not up to the mark. You must use the right color to change the ambient condition of your stand and prevail in a good mood. The appropriate color will improve the decors and overall aesthetics of your stand. If you can not choose the right color for your stand, you can take help professionals like exhibition stands builders the UK.

But, the biggest problem is how to choose the right color for your trade booth? Do you know that different colors represent different meanings and trigger different emotions among people? Therefore, before choosing the color you should know the significance of that color. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some good colors that can be used in your stand along with their meaning and significance.
Let’s start with some primary colors!

1. Blue Color

Blue is also known as cold color and it can slow down your respiration rate, blood pressure & heart rate. This color signifies calmness and purity. Moreover, blue can also bring consistency in human life. This color is widely accepted and preferred for corporate design as it is considered that this color can significantly increase the productivity of any business.
This color can act as a strength for your booth and help you to build an intense relationship with your customers, clients and other affiliates. It helps in generating a sense of trust among the trade show visitors.
You may be surprised after knowing that big brands PepsiCo, Facebook, Skype, Ford, etc are using the blue color in their logos.

2. Red Color   

This color represents intense emotions and able to increase heart rate & breathing among human beings. Red color emits a large wavelength and therefore can be easily recognized from a distant location. If you want to stand-out and easily recognized by trade show visitors, this color can help you. This color is good for the food industry and capable to trigger impulsive shoppers. Big brands like Coca Cola, KFC, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and many more are ruling the world with red color. Exhibition stands the UK have red colors to catch the attention of all trade show audience. You can contact the exhibition stands builders UK for more information related to different colors used in trade booths.

3. Yellow Color

This color is also known as an attention seeker. It represents the uniqueness, therefore, if you want to show the individuality of your stand then you can use this color. This sunny and strong color is ideal from the marketing point of view. It is capable to attract window shoppers. This color symbolizes optimism, youth, good energy, and clarity.
But it is recommended to use the yellow color in contrast with another dark color to create a good impact. Alone yellow can also produce a negative effect because this color can also create a strain on your eyes. This is the reason babies start crying when they see yellow color. So, never ever use yellow color alone.
Now let’s study some secondary colors and their impact on the trade show visitors.

4. Green Color

This color signifies nature, good health, good mood, peace, and tranquillity. This color is soothing for our eyes. Brands offering eco-products and goods to promote well-being and fitness often use this color to spread their message more clearly. Green is also considered as one of the primary colors but according to the Color-mixing wheel, it stands as a secondary color since it is a mix-up of yellow and blue.

5. Purple Color

The regal color is often compared with royalty, wealth, wisdom, success, sophistication and luxury. In terms of marketing and stall designing, the royal color can represent creativity, style and is generally preferred for showcasing anti-aging or beauty products.

6. Orange Color

Orange reflects the excitement, enthusiasm, and at times, even aggression. It is used as a call-to-action color in marketing and stalls designing by brands to show their customer-friendly nature, cheerfulness, and confidence in providing the best quality products.