How To Use Guest Blogging To Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Every single day there are 329 million people on the Internet looking at blogs on all sorts of topics. Every month, 25 billion pages a month are viewed by the public looking for specific information, and every day, at least 500,000 new blogs are posted with 400,000 people making comments and engaging in a virtual conversation.

The truth is that more people than ever are reading blogs rather than going through other channels to fill their information needs. If you are a business owner looking to build your customer base then you must realize that taking advantage of Guest Blogging is a resource you cannot afford to overlook.

When you’re ready to develop your blog, you should have two separate goals in mind:

Attract New Readers

For those new to the blogging game, it was probably exciting the first time you pushed the “publish” button and your blog became live. You continued to add posts to your blog on a regular basis and kept looking with regularity to see your numbers begin to rise but nothing happened. The truth is that no matter how well your blog has been written and how valuable your information is with all of the different blogs out there you have to give the customer a reason to find you.

First, you need to attract people to your site by going where the people already are. Try becoming a guest blogger on sites that are already established. These sites already have a following so you know that people will be reading what you’ve written rather than to have your words still hanging out there in limbo. You do need to be careful when you submit your guest blog. Choose your topic carefully to ensure that it will be strong enough to grab their attention and make them take the next step and connect to your blog. Always write with your potential readers in mind.

Give Them a Reason to Keep Coming Back

You have to leave them wanting to know more. If your blog doesn’t inspire, motivate, encourage, or move them to take any action, they won’t. Your guest blog has to offer them something that is practical and useful to them. You may be able to write well but your goal is not just to dispense information, it must also include an action that must be taken.

What you offer them should be of practical use to them. It not only has to include reasonable actions for them to take but it should also be reasonable in relation to the blog site you’re visiting. In other words, if the blog site your guesting on is about famous tourist attractions your guest blog should be related to that topic. Connect your goals to that of the blog site or very few people will be motivated to take the extra trip to your site.