How To Stay Safe When Traveling By Car During The Covid-19 Times

How to stay safe when traveling by car during the Covid-19 Times

Traveling is one of the most important needs to humans everywhere, whether it is done out of necessity, or s a recreational activity. There are many ways to travel, however, some of these including public transport and shared commute such as carpool are rendered unsafe due to the COVID-19. Following the social distancing norms, it is recommended by many authorities to minimize going out and avoid high-risk areas with the possibility of transmission of disease. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to make sure that you use your own car, or in case you do not own a car, you can rent a sanitized car. Thankfully, there are a few companies that are providing the service to rent a fully sanitized self-drive car, and the Revv car rental tops this list.

The great thing about going for a sanitized cars by Revv is that the cars are immaculately maintained and thoroughly cleaned, not only outside of the car but also inside. All surfaces are cleaned ensuring the highest level of hygiene and sanitization according to the guidelines by the WHO. The sanitized Revv cars are also provided to the customer through contact-less doorstep delivery. The cars are also delivered by the driver wearing the PPE equipment to minimize any chances of infection. You can also choose to pick up the car from the designated workshop. The best thing about Revv is that you not only get the option to travel safely in sanitized cars during your daily commutes, but you can also take the car for a long trip to the nearby tourist attractions outside the city bounds.

The Revv cars are available at affordable rates while having flexible plans and customer friendly service. Revv operates in most big cities of India, with some of the most popular cars being available with their fleet. The vehicles by premiere manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, Renault, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra, Honda, and Hyundai are available through the Revv services. Revv cars also come in different seating and make such as Hatchback, SUV and Sedan. No matter which makes and model of the car you wish to rent, you can hire a sanitized car by going through the Revv catalog and selecting the respective car. Apart from self-drive car rental, the Revv cars are also available through the car subscription model. The subscription model is more suitable for people who want to have the vehicle for extended periods, with the minimum subscription period being one month.

The car subscription by Revv comes in two models of unlocked or new cars. The new cars are specially ordered for the customer and choices such as the color of the car are also available to the customers. It does take slightly longer to get the car since it is ordered for the customer from the car manufacturer. The unboxed cars on the other hand are pre-owned cars that have been driven for less than two years. The cars are immaculately maintained and Revv takes care of the maintenance of the cars without any cost to the customers. The cars are picked up at a time agreed by car subscribers and dropped after the maintenance by the Revv executives. The Revv cars are a great way for you to have a well maintained and sanitized ride without investing additional amounts of money as down-payment, EMI, Road tax, insurance, etc.

The car rental by Revv has various packages starting from the hourly rates, but also going for daily and monthly subscriptions. Once you feel tired of driving a particular vehicle and feel bored out of it, you can easily return the car and take a different vehicle. With Revv subscriptions, you can also return the vehicle anytime and cancel your subscription with only the pre-agreed amount being charged to you. In case you get transferred to a different city, you can simply return the car to your current city and take a car from Revv in your new city with no disconnection of your subscription. If you want to explore the Revv cars further you can download the Revv app or visit and find the car of your dreams waiting for you.