How to Measure Your Customer’s Satisfaction?

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Why An Organization Measures Customer’s Satisfaction?

An organization’s key perspective is to gain their customer’s satisfaction and to retain it. Customer satisfaction eventually results in a customer’s loyalty to an organization. So, a company/organization strives hard for the measurement of customer satisfaction. Indeed! It is necessary for every system to keep a check on the contentment of their customers.

Company’s Benchmark

Companies have different metrics to measure customer satisfaction. A few of these methods are as follows:

1-Live Chat

2-Net promoter score

3-Marketing emails

4-Short Messaging Services (SMS)

5-Follow up Surveys

6-Customer Satisfaction Score

7-Customer Effort Score

The measuring ways should be effective and abrupt as customer’s feedback would be easier to extract depending upon short term memory. The longer you will take to measure the response; the it would be difficult for customers to retain it in their minds.

Various survey apps and tools can be used to trigger the customer’s response like Usabilla or Hotjar.

Old Method of Measuring Customer’s Satisfaction:

Filling in the survey forms is a very old method of integrating customer’s responses. This idea could get boring and time consuming for customers. They sometimes are least bothered about filling them. Short messaging services are another way of acquiring customer’s feedback but these days people do not check their SMS more often or there is a trend of deleting a message without reading it by the people.

New Model of Measuring Customer’s Satisfaction:

Why not create a small incentive for customers by filling out the forms? It might create an interest for them.

Steps to Follow

  1. Create a survey app of the company
  2. Get the customers subscribed that app in-store or online purchasing
  3. Send them a survey questionnaire form regarding the product they purchased or the services they opt for
  4. Attach a discount voucher with the form for their next purchase.

Customers will get a discount voucher in return they fill the survey form. In this way, the company will receive valuable feedback from its customers and customers will get discount coupons.

WhatsApp is the latest, quick, and effective way of marketing these days. People use this app a lot for communication purposes. Companies can get their customer’s data and can send them a small survey form on WhatsApp along with a coupon once they finished filling the data required.

Measuring customer satisfaction in Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in Manchester has become less time consuming for customers by introducing Power objects proven process. We can even entrench these methods in our systems to get qualitative data from customer’s feedback which can then provide us with a solution to the emerging problems in our system.


We should devise a specific kind of survey questionnaire which devours less time for customers. Survey questions should be precise and simple. Questions should be open-ended, Likert scale, and multiple choices.