How to Make Use of Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

There are very many people performing online searches on normal search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, for any company that wants a successful internet marketing strategy, SEO on their websites and other web properties is a must.

With the growth of many social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, many online searches are also done on these social networks. This has completely changed internet marketing from a total focus on SEO only. Many people search for products or services information via the social media networks and therefore for any company that wants its products found online, it is important that while it is budgeting for SEO, it must also budget for social media.

Recent changes in the online technology have now seen search engines like Google, Yahoo and many others incorporate social media results in their searches. When users search online on Google while they have signed into their G+ accounts, results will stream from related information that their friends have shared on the social media network.

Social media being an engagement platform of a particular brand with its customers or fans, it is more likely to be the best channel that drives traffic to your website. This is not only normal traffic but it is better-valued traffic which increases the conversion rate of your products or services.

Social media, therefore, does not really determine the quantity of traffic driven to your site but surely brings quality traffic which is an advantage when it comes to Internet Marketing. Fans from your social media networks are more likely to buy your products or services online because of the already existing relationship you have built with them and also the interests that they have in your products or services.

The quality traffic to the site ensures lead generation that a company or brand can follow up to make sales. There are a different channel of communications that the leads can choose to come from. These include the site itself, emails and telephone numbers. It is important that these channels are always available for the customers at all times so that the company never misses out on any opportunity.

There is research on customer behaviour that revealed that most of them use both social media platforms and search engines to determine whether to buy a product or not. Therefore, the best internet marketing strategy you can use is incorporating both SEO and social media to drive the best quality traffic to your money site.