How to find the best Ostrich Chaise Lounge for you

Ostrich Chaise Lounge

Are you planning about spending your holidays by the beach or finding a chair for reading in your backyard by the pool? If so, finding a comfortable and relaxed Ostrich Chaise Lounge can be very cumbersome. Be it summer or winters; everybody can use an excellent comfortable chair for bathing in the sun. Before buying the chairs, you must be clear whether to place it – indoors or outdoors. There are many types of Chaise Lounge chairs in the market. 

Things to know before purchase

For indoors, vinyl chaise chairs are a hot seller. They come in a variety of colours (black, grey, brown and white) and are super comfortable as they come with pillows. They are big enough to hold two kids or an adult. Dried hardwood is used to make its frames, so they are reliable enough and not prone to rust. Faux leather is used for its cushioning, which gives a premium-quality look. At times, the chair can be a little slippery and uncomfortable because of the leather.

Also, if the chair is let out in the sun for too long, the leather can absorb a lot of heat and be scalding for someone who sits on the chair immediately. But a throw on that can provide some friction and deflect the weather will do wonders. It makes the chair super stylish and completely worth the money.

If you’re in search of a classy and elegant chair, the wicker chaise lounge is the one. A tan-coloured chair can be chosen and kept outdoors, especially as patio décor. It is lightweight and comes in the “twin size”, if you want to relax with your plus one. The chairs are pre-assembled; hence, you do not have to go through the trouble of putting them together. 

However, these chairs have one significant disadvantage. The metal bolts inside the wicker chair are prone to rust. The chair can be kept outdoors, but the cushions can cope up with the weather, hence reducing its lifespan. A method for keeping the rust at bay involves applying a coat of anti-rusting spray on the bolts; this will prevent any build-up of moisture around the metal parts. 

Factors to consider while purchasing an Ostrich chaise lounge chair


Nobody likes to drag heavy chairs when the guests turn up. To make things easier for yourself, make sure you choose a lightweight material such as vinyl or fibreglass. Metal variants are available in the market, but they can be cumbersome to lift. Lighter plastic types are available, but they can be very brittle as the sun rays can breakdown the polymers inside the body of the plastic. This will reduce the structural strength of the chair and cause it to start wearing and tearing in the exposed areas.


You may want to go on a long drive, a trip to the beach or even go camping in the nearest forest. If space permits and if your car offers you the luxury, it is probably a good idea to take your chaise lounge chair with you. After all, you might want to bask in the sun, read a good book or take a nap. The more the chair can fold and become compact, the better. One has limited space and a chair taking all of it, is an inconvenience, after all.


Good chaise lounge chairs can be configured in a variety of postures. Keeping the same position for too long can cause muscle fatigue. Make sure that you try out the chair and decide the one that allows the most flexibility and number of postures. Ensure that the postures are suitable for you and adjust according to your height and body type. 


Some chairs come with an embedded face hole and arm supports. Having a face hole in the chair allows you to lie down face first and be able to read a book or better even have someone massage you. You can also choose to use your laptop or mobile device. Afterall, what’s better than to be able to both relax and be productive at the same time? Some chairs might even boast slip on arm supports. 

These arm supports are useful if you want to use a food tray or hold your laptop while you work. These variants of the chair might be a little more expensive. Another comfort factor is that the piece of furniture is just perfect for footrests. Most of the time the footrests will be inbuilt, but some chairs might have footrests that might need to be clipped on and folded out. 

Make sure that the footrests are sturdy enough to support the weight of your legs and hold your legs in a comfortable angle. Some angles can be a source of fatigue for your legs, and so it is equally important that you can adjust the footrests as per need. A handy feature is the presence of armholes. One can easily slide in their arms to hold their book or gadget as has been discussed above. 

Finally, the addition of a neck pillow can be a cherry on top. Typically, a few companies would choose to give away a free neck pillow with an elastic band. The pad can help support your neck and prevent it from going stiff when you spend more extended periods on your chair. 

The cost & colour of the chair 

Ostrich lounge chairs come in an array of price points. Branded ones can be twice or thrice the price of a non-branded chair. However, you might want to decide what you want to invest in based on the above factors and the reputation of the brand in your state. 

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind used items, you can buy off of craigslist and even eBay. The sheer types of Chaise Lounge chairs available online can dazzle anyone. However, brighter colours are preferred as they can bounce off more sunlight and hence remain more relaxed in the sun. 

Overview on the above-mentioned piece of furniture

There are many types of Chaise Lounge chairs in the market; however, one needs to exercise sound decision making in ensuring the right fit. Buying the best ostrich chaise lounge chair should be reasonable on your pocket and should be ideal for your needs. Happy shopping and we hope you find the perfect fit.