How to Download Latest Version of Microsoft Word For Free

Microsoft Word For Free

MS Word is one of the most essential tools of Office Setup. MS Word allows the users to create, and edit the documents. You can easily share your Word files on various platforms. Word is a tool of MS Office which means you will get to use this tool when you install Office on your device. But if you only need MS Word and don’t want to use other tools of Office then you can install the Word setup also. You can either purchase the setup or you can get the premium license for using MS Word. But if you don’t want to spend money on purchasing the license then there are also various techniques to get MS Word for free.

Use the Office Online

You can use the Office Online tool on your Windows as well as on the Mac devices. You can access this Office tool for free. This web-based version of Office allows you to access various tools of Office for free. But you can only access those tools when you care online which means you can’t work or edit your Word file if you don’t have an internet connection. But if you want to use Office for free then using this Online tool is very appreciable. Open your web browser and visit the Office website. Now you have to sign in to the Microsoft Account. If you are an existing Microsoft account then click on the Login button and login to Office with your existing account. If you are a new user then click on the Register button and fill your details. Now login to Office and then you will get a list of Office tools you want to access. Click on Word and then drag the file down on your PC. Now whether you want to use the Word while having an internet connection, you can directly open it from the Office icon. If you are facing any error while accessing your MS Word then you can contact the Office technical team and ask why is Microsoft Word not responding. They will provide you with the appropriate solutions. 

Free Sign Up for a One-Month Trial

If you need MS Word for a short time then you can make use of the Free One-Month Trial. Open your web browser and search for Microsoft Office. Click on Try Office for free option. While registering to the Office, you have to enter your credit card details. But you won’t get billed while registering to Office. Once registered, you can use MS Word along with all the other tools of Office for one month without any cost. But if you don’t want to get charged then you must cancel the subscription within a month as the payment money will automatically get deducted after completing the one month trial period. This plan is available for Windows as well as for Mac devices.

Use Office Free as a Teacher or Student

Many schools and universities purchase the Office 365 plans which allow the teachers and students to download and use Office for free. If your school or university has the Office plan then you can directly sign up as a teacher or student and then use the MS Word for free. Open your web browser and search for the Office 365 Education website. Now you have to enter the email address of your school or university. If your school is listed then you can download and use Word for free. In case your school is not listed in MS Office then also you can get a good discount as a student. The office is also available for phone devices which means you can easily access your Word files on your Android as well as iOS devices. For using all the tools of Office, you have to get the premium plan. But if you need basic tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc then choosing the free plans is also very beneficial.