How To Bridge Gap Between Business Strategy And Its Execution?

Business Strategy

With a focused aim to take your business to the new heights, you spend hours and sleepless nights to make strategies. The dream is to shine and to earn the goodwill of a ‘renowned brand’ that the industry giants enjoy. But due to some reasons, your master plans stay restricted in papers or on excel sheets. Why is that so?

There can be many reasons that create the gap between the action and implementation in your business strategies. It is necessary to work on them and develop a cure to bridge the gap and remove hurdles. It includes hard work in some aspects.

Here are some situations that you need to consider getting the desired result.

Are you not clear about the strategy?

A hazy action-plan is the biggest hurdle in the attainment of goals. When you lack on this part, consider it as the flaw in the root. When the starting point is not clear, how can one win the race? It is vital to remove all unclear things and replace them with precise and confident solutions.

Work on the following aspects –

  • Decide the scale of the implementation. Is it large scale or small scale?
  • Get clear about the required budget.
  • Bring things in the right sequence, for example – will you work on the marketing strategy first or on the production cycle.

Lack of resources –Keep them around you

To execute something, you need a bunch of resources. Whether it is the human resource or the other ones, they need to be in your reach at the time of need. From new machines to the new employees, you need to bring all in one place. They are the critical pillars of execution, and their absence can leave the tasks incomplete. Scarcity on this part can be hazardous because you may have to go things in the middle of the process.

If the financial crisis stops from obtaining the necessary stuff, then do the same that every businessperson does. Borrow funds according to the requirements. Depending on the size of the need, the loan choices are available. From long-term, big size loan products to the small amount fast loans on same day approval, the option is in abundance. The online lenders can solve the purpose faster with their instant approval decision practice.

Take calculative risks

Sometimes actions remain pending due to the fear of the consequences that look risky. But for how long you can keep running away from reality? This is not how a person runs the business. However, preventive measures should also be there to avoid a significant loss, but why to stop working?

To remove the gap on this part, do the following –

  • KEEP THE EXTENT of change small – If you think that the new policy may bring some threats to the stability of business then does not apply on the big scale.
  • DO RESEARCH of other businesses that work on the same policies. Are they successful, or did the plan work well?
  • TAKE A SECOND OPINION from a reliable person and ask him to give unbiased feedback on the possibilities.

Use suitable tools to work out a strategy in the right manner

When you try to bring novelty in the structure of the business, you need to tailor many things. From daily routine to monthly working capital, everything gets affected. To make them all happen in the right sequence, the use of some tools is necessary.

For example –

  • GAP analysis toolkit – Yes, this is exactly what you think. It helps you track the current situation of progress and its gap from the required status. This guides you in the right direction, where the improvement is required.
  • SWOT to know the overall performance – SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a business analysis tool that helps to detect all four factors. A better understanding of the circumstances can be attained through this tool.

The other tools that are used to conduct SWOT analysis are – Smartsheet, Creately (for diagrams), Ivory Research SWOT Analysis Generator (to make a report of the execution) etc.


The above things are vital to fill the gap between the paperwork and real work in business strategy. Flaws get proper treatment when you notice them on time. Work on the above suggestions and increase the chances of a brighter future for your business. Play Well!! All the best for a wealthy tomorrow.