How much does Harvoni cost and where to buy


Harvoni Cost: Quick Thoughts

The tendency to increase the incidence of a chronic form of viral hepatitis C is disappointing. One of the most modern “offspring” of the pharmaceutical industry is the antiviral drug Harvoni cost. In clinical trials, it has been proven that the use of this medication significantly simplifies the therapeutic regimen, while allowing each patient to individually select a course of treatment. Given that chronic Hepatitis C is a dangerous pathological condition, timely treatment starts carry an urgent need for every infected person.

Harvoni Cost

Composition and form of release

The drug Harvoni for the treatment of hepatitis is available in tablet form. These tablets look biconvex and have a rhomboid shape. Each tablet is coated with an orange or white coating and contains a specialized GSI label.

As additional components of the medium are small-crystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, copovidone, magnesium stearate, and croscarmellose sodium. The glossy coating of tablets consists of the following components:

macrogol 3350;
titanium dioxide;
polyvinyl alcohol

The official manufacturer of the funds in the United States. On the domestic and European market actively go the generics Harvoni from India, reviews about which in most cases, positive. A distinctive feature of Indian counterparts is a lower price.

Pharmacologic Effect

The active components of the drug Harvoni when ingested in the human body have a depressing effect on the enzymes that are involved in the development and reproduction of hepatitis C pathogens. The high efficacy of the combination of Ledipasvir Sofosbuvir Generic has been proven in numerous clinical trials.

A positive therapeutic effect against the background of taking the drug Harvoni was noted not only in the initially infected patients, but also those who had previously received drug therapy for hepatitis C. The result of the tests was a stable virologic response in 95% of the patients who participated in this experiment. These results indicate that after 8–12 weeks of taking the drug, Harvoni was fully recovered.

Indications for use

The antiviral drug “Harvoni India” is recommended for use in people with chronic hepatitis C 1 genotype. This variety of viral pathogens is the most common. The peculiarity of this strain is a high adaptive potential, which allows developing resistance to various antiviral agents.

This medication is widely used in patients with and without cirrhosis. In addition, this tool is prescribed for people who previously received ineffective therapy with Ribavirin and Interferon.


Like any pharmaceutical product, the antiviral drug “buy harvoni in India” has a number of contraindications. These items need to be taken into account both by the patient himself and by the treating doctor before initiating the drug therapy. As contraindications distinguish:

  • Young age until 18 years.
  • The period of the bearing of the child and lactation.
  • Taking other medications containing tenofovir.
  • Passage of the course of treatment with medicines containing sofosbuvir. Combination of
  • the listed active substances can lead to the formation of an overdose and chemical poisoning.

The combined use of the drug “Harvoni cost in India” with drugs, which include carbamazepine and tipranavir. Simultaneous use of these drugs leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of Harvoni.