Home Decor Secrets: Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget on

Home Decor Secrets

Homeowners want their humble abodes to look breathtaking without breaking the bank, because who doesn’t? The best technique when doing low-budget decorations in your home is to ignore everything you’ve watched on TV and seen in magazines. These decorators on TV not only do their jobs but they also market what they are showing, doing it in the most expensive way as they possibly they can. They would invest in a high-end replacement, throw out everything in the room, and hire contractors to install them. 

So if you think it’s time for your home to have that lift when it comes to decorations, think twice before you head to the high street. You may have not noticed it yet but we are sure that you have some serious style right in front of you already. You just need some inspiration to do it. 

#1 Remove Clutter Out of Sight 

To begin our list, you need to understand that no matter how well-decorated your place is, you have to be organized if you want to show off your great designs. You can simply create shelves, desk, or closet doors with your own means in a cheaper way to get the clutter out of sight. 

 #2 Incorporate Textiles 

Have you already considered something wall-worthy for your walls? You can take a look at existing textiles, scarves and fabric you have in your home. You can use a larger one or a few pieces by displaying them on a rod or straightly onto the wall using small hooks sewn onto the back. 

#3 Construct a Headboard 

For your bedroom, headboards can have a big difference. They are the ideal combination of form and function and can be built out of about every imaginable material such as hardwood with wrought-iron inlays, fabric panels. The headboard will be the dramatic focal point in your bedroom, it grounds the space, and place the tone for the entire decor. 

#4 Divide and Conquer

You may break down big spaces by following the divide and conquer rule through creating zones inexpensively with dividers or artwork. 

#4 Transform Dark Rooms

Cheap ideas? Improve your lighting! Your design will be meaningless if you can’t see it. Choosing good lighting is one of the best cost-effective ways to transform your cosy, dull, cave-like rooms into warm inviting spaces. 

You can update your dated lamp with a new one and use spray paint if you’re looking for more taste and if you want to go bolder you can hang some cylinder pendants in your bedroom. 

#5 Paint the “Fifth Wall”

Your “fifth wall” is your ceiling. Don’t forget to paint it, you can add beams or install some amazing light fixture that continues the design to the top. If you are going to decorate and repaint your walls, then you also need to do the same for your ceiling. This is a cheaper way to get more design mileage out of a room. 

#6 Look for Unique Details 

It’s always great to go the extra mile when finding good bargains at a hotel liquidator, a thrift store, garage sale, or an estate sale. Just dig deep and you will find cheap deals of furniture out there and have the patience to look for the perfect bargain pieces for your home.

If you can’t really find one, then you can spiff up old pieces such as worn furniture by fixing broken hinges, refreshing the paint and adding new hardware. 

#7 Make the Ceilings Look Higher 

If you have low ceilings you may place furniture vertically to make the eyes follow the line upwards for ceilings to look higher. You can make the windows look taller by mounting curtains high on the wall. 

#8 Grow a Happy Plot Plant 

A great home always have indoor plants! Bringing in some plants will give a fresh air of life into your space. Indoor plants can add colour,  texture, and awesome shapes to your room. They’re beneficial for your health, also. Find the perfect spot to grow a happy pot plant, and you can have a collection over time. This can be one great alternative for an affordable decorating solution. 

#9 Displaying Interesting Pieces  

Aside from frames, you can use unique pieces such as musical instruments and vintage album covers for a more unique display in your living room. You can hang them all together in a grouping with a matching frame for a more cohesive look. 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of Sydney’s well-renowned home builders who offer custom-designed homes that blend elegance, space, and functionality to create a perfect match for families, suburbs, lands, and lifestyles. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016.