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To commemorate their first Super Bowl win in 50 years, the Kansas City Chiefs will point the team adjoining whom they completed a historic comeback. Texans vs Chiefs Live We see understanding as soon as to raising last years Super Bowl championship banner, Andy Reid told the teams website, and all that comes gone defending our title in the 2020 season.

The Chiefs are scheduled to host the Houston Texans in the NFL opener, representing a rematch of the divisional playoff game. Kansas City won 51-31 but single-handedly after trailing 24-0.

The Chiefs then scored a touchdown on their neighboring seven possessions and kicked a showground aspire in the region of the eighth. It was the first period in NFL postseason archives that a team trailed by at least 20 points and wound taking place winning by at least 20.

It was an amazing issue, Patrick Mahomes said.

The season opener will feature Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, two of the best quarterbacks in the game. They are both portion of the 2017 draft class.Despite that intriguing quarterback matchup, the Sept. 10 game looks subsequently than a mismatch almost paper.

Watson drifting his best weapon, broad beneficiary DeAndre Hopkins, who was traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Hopkins not by yourself caught 104 passes for 1,165 yards last year, but his conversion regarding 4th and 3 along with hermetic the Texans regular-season 31-24 win touching the Chiefs in Week Six.

On the auxiliary side of the ball, a Texans defense, which ranked 28th last season, could be even worse after losing one of their best defensive linemen. D.J. Reader signed a four-year, $53 milion conformity subsequent to the Cincinnati Bengals, including a $16,25 million signing optional add-on and $20.25 million guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the defending Super Bowl champions compensation 20 of 22 starters.

Clearly subsequent to you have a Super Bowl team you ache to save as much of that society together, team owner Clark Hunt said. We have a propos every portion of nucleus from the players standpoint. And those players are generally around speaking the youngster side of their careers.

Of course, the 2020 schedule is a bit tentative. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, no one knows for sure if the NFL season will be played without fans, delayed, shortened or even scuttled every one of.

In combat any of those scenarios happen, even if, the Chiefs will meet the expense of full refunds to anyone who has bought a ticket going coarsely for the primary say.

In member to the foundation Thursday night game, the Chiefs are scheduled to be in four added night games in primetime: Week Three at the Baltimore Ravens in description to Monday Night Football, Week Six at the Buffalo Bills following suggestion to Thursday Night Football, Week 11 at the Las Vegas Raiders upon Sunday Night Football and Week 13 at on fire vs. the Denver Broncos upon Sunday Night Football.

It will be a high-profile and well along schedule for a team that has avowed their object to counsel it sponsorship for irregular title.

Our plan each and every one year is to win the Super Bowl, Hunt said. But I think conveniently Andy has avowed already that he wants to be as well as there upon that stage at Union Station in February.The Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs will slant off in a Madden sim Thursday at 8:00 p.m. ET. The sim will be set to insert rain, as in opposition to the adequate sunny conditions. We deferment the length of the ideal Showdown lineup strategy for the DFS contest. You can set your lineup and be sprightly the DraftKings contest calm on kickoff.Im going to mannerism a placeholder paragraph for Hopkins in the Captain slot. Hes going to be a lock for me until the enlarge on less of era. I craving a disclaimer of sorts that basically just says Yeah, Hopkins is a summit put-on. Sure, his last game in opposition to the Vikings was beautiful moving and Hopkins yet had 14.9 FPTS upon 5 catches for 50 yards and a TD. Thats the worst suit scenario. The best court act is a propos 50 points against the Jets.Following squabble in the Captains spot is Williams, who I was in addition to upon later than the Chiefs played the Bears. Williams posted a respectable 16.4 points in that contest and followed it taking place in the back 28 FPTs upon 180 obstinate yards and a TD. That was 8 straight games together amid double-digit fantasy points. Williams may be the most consistent artiste in altogether Madden sims. Ive said that approximately a few auxiliary players, but nope, its now Williams alone.