Follow 10 Destination Wedding Trends In 2019 And Grace Your Wedding


The vogue of the destination wedding is accompanied by planning your wedding with a unique touch without worrying about going the extra mile for the uniqueness. This craving for being different and popular has given rise to innovation in wedding trends. Here we have listed 10 destination wedding trends that are increasingly becoming popular in 2019:

  1. Pre-wedding photography: Similar to 2018, pre-wedding photography will rule the hearts of the people in 2019 as well. Today, pre-wedding photography is equally important as wedding photography. The pre-wedding shoot fantasizes the dreams, love, and bonding of the couple which they could relish lifelong. Having a video just for the sake of following the trend may not be sufficient to cherish your memories spent with your spouse while picturizing the video before marriage. Instead, having an amazing pre-wedding video is the real idea. The idea can be furnished by many pre-wedding studios but it is truly implemented only by established and proficient photographers at a pre-wedding studio. So, carefully select your pre-wedding studio. Photo Studios like Photorachna can make a real difference to your pre-wedding shoot, photos and videos of the wedding ceremonies.
Best places for pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi NCR
  1.       Pre-wedding destination: The latest and the coolest trend that should be followed by every couple is having a party with close friends at an exotic destination just before marriage. The pre-wedding destination should have all facilities to serve the bachelor enjoy their bachelorhood. Theme based dance party or dinner can be organized at a pre-wedding destination. The couple going to get married may keep the secret of their party at a pre-wedding destination from each other. Let your would-be spouse discover the hidden secret through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

  1.       Striking wedding destination: If grandeur is the choice of the would-be couple, a palatial destination in Udaipur, Jaipur or nearby is the right destination. Whereas if serenity is the preference, then Goa, Kerela or a secretive foreign destination may be preferred by the bride and the groom. Before choosing your dream destination for your wedding, you must be clear of your priorities. Pen down your expectations from a wedding destination so that it becomes easy for you to finalize one for your wedding. For example, the destination you choose should be able to accommodate the size of your gathering, it should be available on the dates you want, it should serve the decoration and type of food you plan to have in your wedding, the venue should be value for money, etc. Once you are clear of your preferences, you can easily book a destination out of plenty of options available by mapping it with your requirements.
  2.       Blending of traditions: In most of the marriages bride and groom are from different cultures, background or religion. Out of curiosity, the desire for novelty and establishing a strong love bond, people are merging their traditions. Either grooms follow the wedding rituals of the bride’s side or vice versa or they merge few rituals from both sides.
  3.       Special moments on Social Media: A not to be missed trend is clicking few informal pics of the couple by family or friends or the photographer so that they can be flaunted on social media for expressing that the couple is truly on top of the world on their special day.
  4.       Photography App: The latest trend is having all your photos soon after they are clicked on the app owned by the pre-wedding photographer you have hired. You can share the app with your guests so that they can download their pics along with viewing your amazing captures.
  5.       Popular Artists/Orchestra/Singer: Undoubtedly, the centre of attraction is the bride and groom in every wedding party. However, you can entertain your guests by a popular trend of inviting a renowned celebrity or orchestra or a favorite singer who will rock your wedding event and will pep-up your guests.
  6.       Guest Activities: While the host is busy in preparing for wedding rituals, guests need to comfort themselves at the wedding destination. Masseur services, beauty treatments, spa, pool parties, short day trip of the sight scenes, etc. are organized at the destination for the guests.
  7.       Gathering size: Guest’s gathering size at the wedding destination is running smaller. After the wedding, a reception party is thrown to invite the guests who were missed at the wedding.
  8.   Attire: A very important area of attention in a destination wedding is the attire of the bride, groom, and family. People are tending to choose royal attire if they plan the wedding at a palace or a similar destination. Whereas, they opt for their traditional outfit if the wedding is planned in their traditional theme. Places like Goa, Kerela, Thailand, etc. demand a totally different dress for the wedding purpose.