Factors Affecting The Online Market Place

Factors Affecting The Online Market Place

Several factors are present in the technology domain where one has to understand them in detail. Online market place is not only about technology only it is about understanding the retail mindset of a user who comes to a shop and buys things also. If people think that technology can decide how a user wants to toko online then it will be a mistake. Technology can make few things better like user experience, navigability and access to a common man at lesser bandwidth.

The reasons or factors which we were discussing are about the mindset of a customer how he wants to shop for things which he requires. One has to understand that technology assists in making the thoughts into a reality. One definite example which I want to consider here is about apparel shopping. When one is shopping for a trouser which is of a particular style and particular colour then he should have something to the right corner of the screen with a list of shirts of colour which will match if he wears with that trouser.

There must be a block where there are matching accessories like watches, belts and shoes. If one does this then he can involve user in a more way and moreover you are compelling the user that he will look great if he buys that combination. Indirectly you are increasing the sales of the online market place.

Factors enlisted

There are lot of new things or facilities which are offered due to the increasing competition of market share. One has to understand that the user should feel comfortable at the end of the day. If he is satisfied he will recommend it to few other people. One of the features which people added is about overnight shipping to your place. They have kept a minimum amount above which shipping costs will be zero.

This compels the customer to buy more things which he did not want to buy initially. It makes him to shop more things which he doesn’t need initially.  To reach the limit of free shipping one goes on buying things which are like buy two to get more discount. You prefer buying two because you calculate that one costs you more.

These things attached with the facility of door delivery and it made people even lazier. Shopping once upon a time is an experience where one doesn’t want to miss out and today it is all about how to toko online and relax on the couch.