Everything You Need to Know about CBD


Cannabidiol, also abbreviated as CBD, is one of the chemicals found in Cannabis. Though we have been hearing a lot about THC, a major derivative of Cannabis, CBD is becoming popular mainly because of its beautiful properties in wellness and healthcare. This wonder product is found both in marijuana and hemp, but the one extracted from it is the one that is mainly used owing to the minimal percentage of THC in it.

While we also mentioned THC, taking a brief look at THC is essential too. Both CBD and THC have almost the same medical and other chemical properties. The only difference lies in that THC consists of psychoactive compounds, which tends to make a person high on consumption. No such compounds are found in CBD. Hence no such side effects are seen after consuming CBD. This property has been making CBD very popular among healthcare and wellness industry professionals.

Uses of CBD

There isa wide range of products where you would find the use of CBD. Skincare products, gummies, chocolates and many others. Due to the numerous benefits they bring, CBD producst are becoming very popular among profesisonals and the general public. Its beautiful properties and helped CBD to gain popularity in a short span of time.

What is CBD used for?

CBD is well known fr its Magnificent medical properties. Here are some of the conditions, CBD has been proved helpful for treatment:

  1. CBD has been known to control pain and inflammation. Medical professionals mainly use this property to treats arthritic conditions involving all the significant parts of the body. CBD oil has been found very useful for pain relief in arthritic conditions.
  2. CBD has also be found very effective in controlling the seizures caused due to various reasons like epilepsy.
  3. Inflammatory bowel syndrome is one such syndrome that tends to irritate and, consequently, disturbed bowel movements. CBD is very effective for the treatment of IBS.
  4. Scientists have been experimenting with chemicals that can be used to treat depression. They have been successful in finding many, and CBD shows immediate and long-lasting effects compared to many others used in the treatment of depression.
  5. Nausea and Migraine pain: Migraine pain and nausea have also found successful treatment with the help of CBD.
  6. Epilepsy in children: Along with all these uses in health care, there is one crucial area where CBD has proved Its worth. It is imperative in treating epilepsy,especially in children and young adults

Mechanism of CBD

CBD works in a very different way. Unlike the other drugs, CBD sends stimulus to the receptor cells in the brain and then directs the body t perceive pain, anxiety, inflammation and other things by using the cannabinoids present in the body. It is a kind of stimulus that the body gets to make it aware of the receptors it already has but has not been stimulated to perceive various conditions like pain. Its mechanism differs from many others and acts in the most precise and relevant manner.

Side effects of CBD

Most of the formulas, even drugs used to treat acute and chronic illness, have some or other side effects. CBD also has some side effects caused on the body. They are:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Mood swings
  4. Anxiety
  5. Irritability
  6. Dizziness
  7. Appetite changes
  8. Others

Though the side effects and their severity would largely depend upon the individual, it does ot cause any serious or long-lasting side effects, making it safe to be used to treat various conditions.

Does CBD cause addiction?

According to DEA, CBD falls under the category of drugs that are addictive. Still, the unique formulation of CBD, which is used in the treatment of epilepsy, is safer and has been taken off the list of addictive drugs. 

Even the addiction is very minimal, which can be overlooked due to the beautiful effects it gives in the line of treatment of various conditions. No or minimal dependency is one of the significant reasons that CBD is gaining so much popularity and that too un a concise span of life

Associated risks of CBD

Studies have shown various risks associated with the short term and long term use of CBD on the human body. They are:

  1. Lack of regulation: CBD in various edible products, health supplements and similar things is not regulated at all. This makes the consumer sceptical about using it.
  2. Lack of information: The fact that there are no set labelling standards or guidelines for dosage makes the consumers consume it without even knowing what they are consuming. Ti is potentially one of the bif=ggest risks involved in using CBD.
  3. Lack of research: There is no denying that CBD has numerous uses in different fields, but there is still lt more to be researched by the scientist about the unknown facts of this wonder product.

Benefits or the risks: Which one weighs more for CBD?

No wonder, when we come across the fact that it is a derivative of Cannabis, the first thought that comes to the mind is about dependency, but unlike THC, CBD does ot shows dependence at all. Its positive effects weigh much more than the side effects:

It not only controls pain and inflammation but also fixes the problem of insomnia in an individual. CBD oil works the best in this. It helps ease anxiety and stress; therefore, it is prescribed to patients suffering from depression. Cbd also helps in controlling the brain functions, mainly the motor functions carried out by the body. With no dependency, it is a sfe to use a drug. It has also proved to help treat various skin conditions and therefore is a product in demand in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The wellness industry has also been making good use of CBD in health supplements.

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