Effect on local transporter due to corona

Local transporters
Car carrier on the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. This bridge is bypass highway at Hoover Dam.

Transportation provides the important backbone for survival as essential workers have to report for their jobs, paramedical staff has to take care of those who are sick and reach hospital  and supply chains have to function with efficacy .

There is  a massive and severe impact of  the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19 on all sectors. The lockdown has upended businesses in all industries in India. 

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on local transporters is incalculable and it continues to grow with each passing moment. The pandemic and the resultant lockdown has kickstarted intense disruption, especially in the supply chain of logistics and transportation network. It has put the local transport system into jeopardy and uncertainty. Local transporters are trying their utmost to maintain the movement of trucks in order to reduce the mayhem triggered by the logistics jam. Their main focus is to operate a well-integrated and coordinated transport network, which is sustainable and dependable. 

Potential effects of COVID 19 lockdown on local transporters 

    • Even the local transporters have to face multiple challenges as they have to address a crisis of profound dimensions since there is the possibility of this chaotic situation being prolonged. 
    • Moving the vehicles so that essential commodities and products can be delivered without delay in an efficient manner is a challenging task.
    • Supply chain disruptions have created havoc and transporters are struggling to keep the pace and make timely deliveries 
    • Local transporters   in order to maintain the flow and keep the supply chain moving require a team of well-trained drivers
    • The transporters face a reduced number of efficient task force.
    •  Lack of good quality PPE kits have put the drivers at risk of exposure to the  deadly virus 
    • The cost of Providing safe and secure transportation has escalated since disruptions are also impacting commuters   
    • The local transporters are facing the revenue loss as operations are restricted during lock down. 
    • The transporters need to be very careful and take necessary precautions to keep their teams safe, secure and healthy. 
  • Competent transporters are earnestly trying to find their zone and update their operations with innovative technology to work with efficiency in the chaotic circumstances created by the corona virus 

 Local transporters handle the effects of corona virus by; 

  • Developing a robust transportation network 
  • Adopting latest tools and technologies to work effectively
  • Offering affordable and safe transportation services to combat the dire effects of Corona hit economy. 
  • Being flexible in their approach and adopting sophisticated technology including electronic logging.
  • Incorporating trackers to keep track of vehicles and GPS to establish the best and shorter routes to enhance cost efficiency, save time and increase work efficiency.  
  • adopting stringent security measures

  Local transporters are now endeavoring to maintain interstate traffic of trucks transporting medical supplies, essential commodities. Operating efficiently and maintaining seamless movement of vehicles so that the supply chain is not disturbed in the country is the aim of every reliable local transporter. The transporters offer a plethora of services to ensure movement of essential goods and commodities so that they can reach the desired destination without any unnecessary delays.