Build A Robust Online Food Delivering App With The Contemporary Zomato Clone Solution

Zomato Clone Solution

The food delivery app is not a new idea nowadays with so many apps trying to find their spot in the business world. No more concept of trying something new in it since everything here is about giving a seamless experience with a feature-rich and user-friendly app. 

Every person who is trying to start a new venture should surely try a food delivery app like Zomato Clone and if you are an entrepreneur you are not an exception as well. 

Here are some steps that may give you a slight peak about what’s, how’s, and why’s answers relating to the Zomato Clone app.

Concept of the app:

Here are the points that show us how the Zomato Clone app works:

  1. Each party would download separate apps. There is a separate one for the user, there is a separate one for the delivery driver, and another for the restaurant.
  2. Each party should have to create their own profile. The user account can just be registered even with their social media accounts. But the delivery driver and restaurants have to fill their form. The delivery driver has to enter details about their vehicle number, the restaurants have to fill in the details about the menu, cuisines, etc.
  3. The user can open the app whenever they wish. They can browse different restaurants, dishes, and areas according to the filter. 
  4. Once the restaurant is chosen by the user, then the different items or menus will be displayed which can be selected to add to the cart.
  5. After adding everything to the cart, the users can check out the items and confirm the order using different modes of payment. 
  6. The restaurant would be notified about the order and they would accept it. Once the restaurant is ready with its order, the user receives a confirmation order and the delivery driver receives a request. 
  7. The delivery driver may accept or reject the job request according to their convenience. If the order is rejected, the restaurant will or the app would pass the same request to the next delivery driver. 
  8. Once the delivery driver accepts the order, they are notified of their pickup address and drop address. The pickup address is the restaurant’s address and the drop address is the customer’s address. 
  9. The driver can use the GPS location in the app to pick up and deliver the items. 
  10.  After delivering, the user and the delivery driver are free to rate the service. 

In case you are wondering about what quality and features do the Zomato Clone brings, here are some:


2.Restaurant availability

3.Advanced search

4.Accept/Reject orders

5.Profile creation

6.Easy payments


8.Track orders


10.Route optimization

11.Earning report



There are four ways in which you could monetize your Zomato Clone app:

Commission fee: Depending on your needs, you could collect the commission fees from the restaurant for every transaction through the app. 

Delivery fee: A delivery fee can be charged from the restaurant to deliver the food at the doorstep. According to the time of the day, location, the delivery fee can be calculated. 

Registration fee: Verify the restaurants and you can collect the registration fee from them when they get added to the app newly.

Advertisements: You can charge from third-party advertisements to be displayed in your app for fixed service. The advertisement plan can be renewed every time. 

Development of the app:

Building an online mobile app is a complicated process. That too, for building a Zomato Clone app that has lots and lots of features, with APIs integrated and multiple components, it is not easy. 

The development from the ground:

The development of apps from the ground may require not just a team of expert developers but also a center for developing the app. There should be a space known as a development center. 

The development center should be well equipped with state of art technology. All these would cost a fortune and also is a time-consuming affair. 

You may need a team of members like an Android developer, iOS developer, PHP developer, App designer, web designer, content writer, analyzers like Database Analysts, System Analysts, Business Analyst, Quality Analyst, and a project manager. 

Using the white-label solution:

Smart entrepreneurs choose this wisest way.  The time and money consumed using this feature are relatively lower compared to developing it from the ground. The Zomato Clone script is readily available and customizable. The features that are needed to be added to make it unique, can also be integrated easily. These scripts are developed by a team of developers. 

It takes the right team to bring the app a greater success not only in theory but also in reality. 


We hope that you make your brand-new app unique by choosing the smartest way and have skyrocketing success!!