Betterwithpets 2020- Saudi Innovators Compete With App For Animals

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The world keeps progressing with new advancements every day. App technology has especially driven multiple progressive transformations which pushes us towards a better living. Today we are going to talk about one such example present in the sector of app technology, that has been able to achieve global recognition with its advantages. So without any further ado, let us begin.

What Is The Latest Buzz?

The list of 8 finalists of the Purina BetterwithPets 2020 Prize is finally here. Among those finalists, we have innovators from Saudi who are competing for the first position with an application that helps in finding homes for animals.

The Purina BetterwithPets 2020 Prize approach has been recognized globally. They have been appreciated for their goal. The team aims at integrating a positive impact with the help of a new and creative solution for communities and individuals.

In the latest and second edition, almost 150 applications participated from different parts of the world. Applications came in from the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. On May 14 a total of 8 finalists were announced.

The finalists consisted of Saudi Arabia’s PET ME. This is an app that is designed and introduced by a team of six students and graduates. Their motive is to serve the pet lovers and help the animals find safe and caring homes in the Kingdom. This application is drawing a lot of attention as its goal is directed towards a better motive. Imagine a place where one can find every animal loved and cared for.

The entire group of six students and graduates were from the College of Business Administration at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. The team members include the following-

  • Maram Al-Ghamdi
  • Reem Al-Subait
  • Jawaher Al-Khalifah
  • Joud Al-Otaibi
  • Ebtihal Al-Barjas
  • Manal Al-Shehri

One of the team members pointed out that PET ME was developed to bridge the gap present in the pet adoption issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The application is set to transform a lot of innocent lives and hence deserve every bit of global recognition. The potential of this app is unmatchable, and that is the reason why it got to the final list for the prestigious BetterwithPets 2020 Prize. This prize is celebrated all over the world and this is its second edition.

With the help of app technology, the team of PET ME has opened many doorways to opportunities and possibilities for the improvement of animals.

The Aim Of Pet Me

The motive of the team was to spread more awareness about the pets and their rights. They, therefore, selected a user-friendly app to fulfill their goal. With its mobile application, the team is looking forward to completely transform society’s perception of animal adoption. They are willing to leave a positive imprint on many lives and bring in a powerful change for a better future.

“We then scheduled a meeting with the Prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Fahd Center for Creativity and Entrepreneurship, and that’s when the PET ME journey began,” said Al-Ghamdi.

They were very saddened after witnessing the condition of the animals and how they were adopted. They noticed that many adopted pets were treated very badly. The major reason was the absence of any rules and regulations during the adoption process of the pets. This gave birth to a revolutionary idea called PET ME.

It was a flawless solution for raising community awareness. It also made the adoption process a lot simpler. This app also makes sure that the pets are taken care of. They are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the animals are being raised in a happy and safe environment.

The group of graduates and students wanted to push their effort to raise more awareness about the need of adoption. Hence, their team decided that they will develop an application that contains all the specific areas.

Mobile applications like these are a great example to set in front of the world. It shows that if one is truly willing, they can use technology for the betterment of animals and humans. This project has inspired a lot of entrepreneurs from all over the world to step into app development. The world is now ready to reap the advantages provided by the seamlessness of promising technologies.

“So many individuals across the Kingdom value pets and would like to own one, however, the buy-culture seems to be the dominant approach mainly due to the lack of trusted entities. PET ME is a user-friendly application that will offer the simplest experience and sets out to change perceptions,” said one of the members from PET ME.

The animal lovers are eager to use this application and dwell into the immaculate and user-friendly app.

According to one of the team, Al-Ghamdi, the PET ME application is aimed to thoroughly support pet lovers. It provides them with some of the simplest and safest techniques to adopt animals. They believe in the Saudi community and their kindness. As the community is highly educated and tech-savvy, they believe that the application would be able to provide good solutions for easy and simple adoption.

As the team made to the final list of BetterwithPets 2020 Prize, they expressed the honor in representing their country. The members are set to continue the progressive journey to inspire the world. This has given a great push to mobile app marketing in Saudi Arabia as many are not show-casing their own interest.

Final Words

Most of us always think that with technology we can only generate revenue. But the truth is, apart from the revenue, it also possesses the capability to transform the world. PET ME application is one of the examples that offer us a better future.

It is time that we chuck the age-old methods that limit our own capabilities and adapt to the trending app technology for the best. Mobile app development services have a lot in store, and it is a must for you to start thinking about its full-fledged adoption.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon today!