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Dubai is one of the most heavily builds drastically between the last three decades. Billions and Billions of dollars are spent on the construction of these mega structures one by one. Over the years they are making Dubai heaven of the modern world. At the last of this decade, Dubai will host the world EXPO 2020 which is one of the greatest business events of the corporate world internationally.

maintenance services in Dubai

Constructing a building is one thing but to maintain its beauty and shine is a completely different thing. Because anything in the world is not completely self-sufficient there is a huge force is needed to maintain any single house. When it starches to a building or a city the maintenance staff has become in thousands.

Management of these thousand workers are not controlled single-handedly so here comes the role of maintenance companies they provide employment to the skilled workers and provide services to maintain your houses, offices, buildings and cities beautifully and livable.

Let us now discuss the aspect and major services that are necessary to run a city smoothly and make the place livable.

Major working aspects of Dubai

Major Problems of old houses:

In a common household following problems are common.

  • Foundation Issues
  • Roof Leaks
  • Old Plumbing
  • Old Windows
  • Old Wiring
  • Poor Insulation
  • Out Dated Cooling Problems

In the metropolitan city of Dubai, these are some of the main problems that can make your life disturbing and annoying. If you face any of these problems just make a call to our number and sooner our representative will be on your doorstep to resolve this issue.

Here we describe the major causes of these malfunctions.

  1. Foundation Issues:

The most common issue and most dangerous one is the rotten foundation. Because of which your all house is become in danger to collide on an instant. This major problem can be fixed by our experienced and work hardest workers.

  1. Roof Leaks:

In Dubai however, the rain is on very low rate but whenever it rains your leaking roof will become and headache for you. It does not even disturb your household it will destroy your electronic and electrical devices too. It will impact very heavy on your pocket.

  1. Old Plumbing:

In most old houses the plumbing system is a big issue because in old houses most of the plumbing was done by metallic pipes which can be rotten by time and humid weather of Dubai. Nowadays PVC pipes are used which are cheaper and long lasting then metallic pipes.

  1. Old Wiring:

Old wiring is also a very serious problem because in this fast forwarding world the human is completed surrounded by gadgets and electrical appliances. If wiring is not proper it can cause very bad effect on your gadgets like burning and short circuits.  In old constructions, high-quality wiring and new technologies of wiring are not used. Which are not so efficient and cause in raise of your electricity bills.

  1. Old Windows:

In old houses, the windows are usually used wooden frames that are flammable as well as very easily rotted by insects. In the modern era, these frames are replaced by aluminium frames with efficient grills and tinted glass that make your house beautiful as well as secure.

  1. Poor Insulation:

In the hot and humid weather of Dubai, it is very important to secure your house with exact insulation. Insulation is not only secure your house from the outer environment but it makes your cooling solution secure inside which can make your Air conditioning less consumption of energy.

  1. Out Dated Cooling Problem:

In the old houses, the air conditioning solutions are often older which consume high rate of electricity as well as they are not sufficient for the needs of today’s household and environment. We have the people that restore your old machine as well as guide you if you want to replace it.

Major Plumbing Problems:

In a common household following problems are common.

  • Dripping Faucet
  • Leaking Pipes
  • No Hot Water
  • Clogged Drain
  • Running Toilet
  • Shutoff Valve Malfunction
  • Low Water Pressure

In the metropolitan city of Dubai, these are some of the main problems that can make your life disturbing and annoying. If you face any of these problems just make a call to our number and sooner our representative will be on your doorstep to resolve this issue.

Here we describe the major causes of these malfunctions.

  1. Dripping Faucet:

Suppose you are reading a good novel and after some time, you heard a voice. Tip,Tip,Tip,Tip. Is this not annoying? In my opinion, it will ruin your mood to read a novel. This problem is very common, it not only annoys you it will cause a huge amount of blue blood to be wasted.

  1. Leaking Pipe:

Pipelines are the main source of supplying water all over the area. Some time due to immense pressure and other factors they become wroten or broken and start leaking. This issue can not just damage your water supply system it can damage your inline electric wiring as well as walls of your beautiful house.

  1. No Hot Water:

Absence of hot water is a major problem especially in the house where kids and elderly people lived this became a nightmare to the family. This problem becomes very common due to the blockage in lines and shutting off the pilot lamp of the heater.

  1. Clogged Drain:

Clogging of the drain is a very common problem but it impacts very high on your household. It feels very bad if any guest visits your home and you are facing such kind of problem.  One of the many reasons for a clogged drain is to put solid waste into the pits. These are not designed to carry a solid waste so they clogged.

  1. Running Toilet:

If you come to know that after the flushing the water is not stopping and running continuously you need to be worried because it is the case of running toilet.  In this problem, the flush tank fails to stop the water drainage. You need to call the plumber to fix this problem otherwise the precious water is continued to be wasted.

  1. Shutoff Valve Malfunction:

All the water supply to your house is coming from the major valve which can make able to shut off the supply in case of any uncertainty. But what if the major valve itself become malfunctioned. It is a rare but serious problem you need to face. Because of this problem, you are all house water supply may be compromised.

  • Low Water Pressure:

Low water pressure is one of the most annoying problems you need to face in your house. This problem causes due to the sediments sticking in supply pipes. This problem not only annoys you but also damage your plumbing infrastructure.