Best Hiking Places of India for seniors to Make Memories

Hiking Places

Many believe that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams, so don’t wait and give a shot to this perfect after retirement plan. Age is just a number for people whose wandering souls don’t believe in settling in boundaries. Follow your dreams of traveling. Trust me! It’s still not too late. If you have made up your mind then, here is a valuable guide to help you follow your dreams:

Go for the Pious Chaar Dhaam Yatra                    

Char Dham or four pilgrimages are the holy sites in the Northern state of Uttarakhand, India which includes Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Each place is located at a height of 3000 meters. It’s not the only pilgrimage, but also you can witness scenic views mostly visible in January. This Hindu pilgrimage site has begun with Yamunotri, then further proceeds to Gangotri and then follows with Kedarnath and Badrinath. These places offer breathtaking views along with historical and mythological past. The best times to visit these places are from April to November.

Spot Tigers at Corbett National Park

Experience a fascinating jungle safari along with the thrill of spotting a free-roaming tiger. Imagine yourself roaming with binoculars in hand, peacefully exploring the wildlife with a chance of capturing a glimpse of the Royal Bengal tiger. This national park is in Uttarakhand and undoubtedly the best place to experience the real jungle on your feet. Along with magnificent wildlife, its scenic views catch our attention here. The best time to visit this place is from November to June. And the best time to plan a wildlife safari is from November to February.

Camping in Sundarbans

Sundarbans are the most sublime travel destinations in India for people above 60. Wildlife here attracts us the most along with its tangled mangroves and waterways. If you’re lucky enough then you can spot here dolphins, turtles, wild boars, crocodiles, spotted dears, Royal Bengal Tiger, and many more. You may enhance your experience with camping and hiking at Sundarbans. The best time to visit this place is from January to October.

Explore the Adventure Capital of India, Manali

This place breaks all the notions of society about old age, as being an old age traveler you will not feel the shortage of options here to feed your enthusiastic soul. Manali is one of the best destinations in India for senior citizens. You may go for a camping or may conquer your fear of height by going for a cable car ride in Solang valley. You may also go for trekking and kayaking in Manali. If you’re fit enough then you may plan your next vacation in exploring trekking tours in India. The best time to visit this place between October to February. In summers, the ideal time is from March to June for hiking and trekking experience. In winters you may go visit Manali to experience snowfall.

If you were a trekking enthusiast in your days and the fire still burns inside you, then you must try trekking tours in Nepal and trekking tours in Everest base camp. Though, they are difficult and challenging but what’s life without some risk and challenge? For these trekking tours, you also need to work a lot on your fitness.