Best Chest Workouts For Women

Chest Workouts For Women

Most of the time when it comes to chest workouts people believe in push-ups and pushups take all praise but there is a lot apart of pushups in chest workouts. Brest is the only part of women that should be fluent attractive. But most of the time we take it to be very easy and take our upper body for granted but not anymore,

Chest Workouts For Women

Today we lookout for some amazing chest exercises and some conscious diet which will definitely help every woman and they can learn from this. 

Benefits of chest workouts for women 

·     You can get an improvement in your posture.

When it comes to postures so our back and shoulder always take all the attention. In women, body breast is part which should be in good shape and shoulder be parker the posture of the breast should be flexible and for that, you must do some workouts to maintain it well workout give your breast a good posture. 

·     Gives you Easy Breathing

When you fix your posture and started work on your chest it gives you an easy way to breathe quality breathing is needed and once you become used to chest workout you could get the freshness and can get the breathing in an easy way.

And also there is a lot of benefits of a chest workout. 

You may think that every time you need a lot of pieces of equipment and environment and all the mandatory things but no this is not really essential all you need is just a few things and few minutes from your schedule to make your upper body strong and fabulous. 

All you need to do these simple workouts alternatively. 


Take a push-up position and get a medicine ball in your left hand then place your right hand onto the floor straightly. Engage the legs and start doing up and in.

keeping the ball in angle and bend your elbow go down as far as up with the straight body and repeat with both the sides. 

·     Chest pass

Lie down on mate hold ball in your hand and close up to your chest bend your knees keep your lower back into the floor then start throwing in the air and catch the ball with straight arm it will help you to get strength in your upper body. 

·     Straight – Arm chest pass

Take a dumbbell with a straight hand and lie your upper body on a swiss ball make balance with your hand and make an angle with straight hand to chest press the weight straight up and then lower back down. All you need is to remember one thing that your arm should be move during the presses. 

·     Y Raises 

Take a pair of dumbbells according to your capability or straight stand tall bent your knees slightly and hold your weights straight lift the weight in Y position and slowly do this from shoulder to thighs. 

·     Renegade Row

Take a pair of dumbbells and get into straight arm plank position keep your straight and the dumbbells should be directly below shoulders,

without moving your hip position start bending the right elbow lift the weight up to the chest and then come down slowly with the same position and do the same with the left side. 

·     Rear lateral raise

Stand with feet width apart, hold the dumbbells towards your face bring torso close to the ground and bend your knees.

without moving torso raise your arms straight out to sides to shoulder height, then take a pause and return back to starting position. 

·     Bench press

Give your body a posture on a bench take a rod with your capability and hold it with a strong grip of your index finger place your leg on the floor with bent knees.

hold the rod near to your chest and take a pause then start lifting the weight and go straight with your hand and come back with the same posture. 

These are some common or powerful workouts for the chest of women which definitely help women to lift their upper body it gives you the best result if you will be regular and work on it also you must need to focus on your diet too because if your doing workout and not doing the diet then it will be waste because the diet is essential 60% of your body needs diet and 40%b work do the exercise so try to intake healthy and fresh things.

  •     Intaken more and more water
  •     always avoid oily and junk foods if you want to eat something outside then prefer sandwiches fresh veggies
  •     take proper sleep it is essential
  •     start taking green tea for detox.
  •     Chest exercises are just the best way to provide an extra lift to your upper body you can see some visible changes in your body if you do these basic exercises on regular basis.