Best books for JEE Mains by toppers

Best Books for JEE

You have already spent half your life dreaming of becoming an engineer. Now, as the day has finally arrived when you can set the foundation for turning your dreams into reality, you must have the best books for JEE Main.

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest exams every student has to face to get admission to any of the top engineering colleges in India (especially IITs). Every year, lakhs of students appear for the competitive exam, making it more difficult for students to get higher rankings. Therefore, it is necessary for you to equip yourself with the best books for JEE to crack the exam and achieve your dream to become an IITian.

Choosing your study material carefully is crucial when you want to crack JEE Mains. In this article, we will clear the concept of which books you should buy to prepare yourself well for the exam. 

The majority of students buy the best books for JEE recommended by toppers. But when students are assembling their study resources, they should first check whether the language of the book is comprehensible and easy-to-understand. Another thing they should look for is whether the author of the books is an academician with a background in teaching or not. A book written from the perspective to aid the students can help you clear your doubts better and get you a better understanding of topics. 

Here’s how the best books for JEE Mains can help you out:

Make you learn the basics right

The books are written by professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. They understand how each concept needs to be explained so that every student can imbibe it well. The books offer step-by-step guidance to provide clarity over each topic. By including the right books in your study plan, you can get a detailed understanding of even the complex topics and clear confusion.

As per the JEE syllabus

The books cover the vast syllabus of JEE Mains. Be it mathematics, physics, or chemistry; you can get a good grasp of every subject through these books. You can even buy the best revision books that will help you check your knowledge before the exam. If you are well-prepared for the exam, you will be able to deliver a good performance to achieve the highest ranking.

Make every concept clear

Getting all your concepts clear is hard when you do not have access to the right books. But don’t worry, by finding the best books for Jee recommended by toppers, you can better understand even the complex concepts. Getting a hold of concepts will help you keep stress at bay during the exam season. The right books for physics, chemistry, and mathematics will get all concepts clear in your head and make you exam-ready. A day before the exam, you only have to do the revision of all formulas and their execution. Get access to easy and effective learning with the most recommended books.

Practice problems that arm you to conquer the battle

Practice brings perfection. To support your preparation strategy, you must buy books with numerous problems that you can practice to prepare well for the exam. You must know that the JEE question paper consists of 180 questions that you have to solve correctly in 180 minutes. It means you barely get a minute for each question. By practicing sample papers, you can improve your pace and solve the most number of questions right to get the best score.

Here are some books you can refer to become exam-ready:

  • Concepts Of Physics For JEE Vol-I (Mechanics-A) by G.C. Agrawal and Anurag Misra
  • GRB Kota Question Bank Physics For JEE (Part-I and Part II) by Girish Gaur
  • Check Your Mathematics For JEE by Khatri. Chouksay
  • GRB Kota Question Bank Mathematics For JEE by Shashikant Vaishnav
  • Check Your Chemistry For JEE by Birthare. Verma
  • GRB Kota Question Bank Inorganic Chemistry For JEE by Ankit Agarwal and Dr. Sonal Rajora


Good books help you score good marks. With the right books by your side, you can plan a practical and feasible preparation strategy and execute the same effectively. 

Before starting, make a list of topics you need to focus on and begin with them. Start solving practical problems and get the concepts right to perform up to your fullest potential in JEE Main exam.