Back And Neck Pain: Cause And Effect

Back And Neck Pain

Before he hurt his back, he worked full-time at two jobs. He would spend twelve to fourteen hours on his feet and not think twice. At home he was busy too, there was always something that needed fixing, or painting, or whatever. He used to wrestle in the backyard with his girlfriend’s children. He loved working on cars and listening to loud music when he was doing that. 

Then came the day that everything changed. Someone at work spilled some soapy water on the floor, then walked away from it. He slipped and fell hard on his side, and it caused severe damage to his back and spinal column. He went straight to the hospital, where he spent a long time staring at the ceiling with severe Back And Neck Pain before he was declared healed enough to go home. 

When he got there, he was a changed man. It hurt him just to move. He couldn’t work anymore, and bills started to pile up. The yard and house both started looking neglected, because he couldn’t get out there anymore. The kids started avoiding him because he was in so much Back And Neck Pain he couldn’t even turn fast without it hurting a lot. The pain made him short-tempered, and soon almost everyone was avoiding him. He refused to go to any more doctors, stating that it was too late to do any good. Now he spends most of his time alone. 

This could be anyone’s story. Back and neck pain are a very serious business. A back injury is defined as any injury occurring below the shoulders and above the waist. There are a lot of reasons a person could be having lower back and neck pain. Most often, people get lower back pain when they overuse their back muscles. This can happen if a person does a lot of lifting after having not done it for a while. Another common cause of lower back pain is a muscle strain. Everyone pulls muscles, sometimes it’s unavoidable. 

The best thing a person can do in a situation like this is to stop what they’re doing. This is the best way to let the strained muscles heal, and will go a long way towards preventing more serious injury. A lot of people may want to “tough it out” and ignore the pain. Some people think the best way to get over this kind of injury is to work through it. This kind of thinking can be dangerous. 

Upper back and neck pain can also signify a more serious medical condition. The pain itself is not the condition, it is a symptom. Lower back pain could mean spinal degeneration or herniated discs. Sometimes the discs in the spine become misaligned or compressed, this can also cause lower back pain. Osteoarthritis is another culprit when it comes to back pain. This is a problem that is common among the elderly. 

There are some other back, and neck pain causes that center around the spine. Any injury to the spine is going to cause some degree of back pain, it all depends on the nature and severity of the actual injury. Other causes of lower back pain include spinal stenosis, a bacterial infection in the spinal column itself, and also unnatural compression of the spinal column. 

Whenever someone begins to experience back and neck pain symptoms, they should consult with their doctor. Sometimes the pain is the body’s way of trying to alert a person to a more serious problem. At a time like this, the best answer is a swift and sure diagnosis, so treatment and healing can begin. The doctor can diagnose the patient before what starts out as simple lower back pain flares up into something worse. 

Upper back pain is also a symptom of poor posture. Poor posture was a common problem reported by people who worked at desk jobs all day. Upper back pain occurs along the area of the neck and shoulders. The most common medical problems that cause upper back pain are joint dysfunction and muscular irritation.  By the way Lousy mattresses can also cause upper back and neck pain for sleep, as I’ve read in Rita Harrison’s blog.   

In most cases, upper back pain responds well to conventional treatment methods, if it is dealt with when it happens. In the case of any injury or constant pain to the back, never wait to see how it feels in the morning. If left untreated, it will most likely be worse. Upper back pain responds well to massage therapy style treatment methods. 

If joint inflammation is the cause of the problem, a doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling in that area. Upper back pain problems occur most often because the pressure is being put on the wrong group of muscles and nerves. Relief of the pressure means relief of the problem. 

The neck area is probably one of the most critical of the human body when it comes to injury. The neck area covers the area below the base of the skull and extends down towards the shoulder blades. The spinal column itself actually begins here, and here also can be found the most important grouping of nerve endings in the human body. These are the nerves responsible for movement and motor control. 

It is distressingly easy to injure the neck. A neck injury can occur when the head is forced to move rapidly in any direction. This often occurs in automobile accidents, in effect called whiplash. Whiplash means simply that, the head and neck were whipped back and forth by the impact. Whiplash is a common neck injury. 

But any impact to this area can cause injury. Forcing the head to move unnaturally can also cause serious harm to the neck. This can happen when falling uncontrollably. Back And Neck Pain can also be caused by overuse and strain. Anyone who has ever fallen asleep in a recliner and woken up with a stiff neck can attest to that. Any kind of Back And Neck Pain or injury should immediately be treated by a doctor. 

When it comes to the area of the neck and back, a person should never wait before seeking help. Injuries to this part of your body can really change your life forever, it’s a big switch between being happy, healthy, and hale, and being unable to move from where you are without help. There are some very good doctors out there ready to Prevent Back and Neck Pain from becoming serious problems.