All You Need To Know About Refrigerators


When you have an idea to buy a refrigerator for your home, you need to know some features about refrigerators. You can’t simply buy any refrigerator which is not suitable for your house. So you must understand all such things to buy a good refrigerator. Here are the things that are helpful for you to know about the refrigerators.


The capacity of the refrigerator is generally measured in terms of liters. Starting from the lowest capacity to the highest capacity, refrigerators are available in the market with technology growth. Based on the size of the family, you need to buy the refrigerator having the right capacity. For instance, a 150-250 liter refrigerator is enough to serve a family involving a couple and one child. You can go with a 250-500 liter refrigerator for the family involving two adults and two children. For the larger families of 6 to 7 people, the best option is a 550-850 liter refrigerator. So, there are various capacities that you should consider while buying a refrigerator below 20,000 INR option.

Defrosting: Direct Cool Vs Frost Free:

Refrigerators may use any one of the defrosting methods, such as Direct Cool and Frost Free. In the case of a direct cool method, the cooling is maintained through circulation by natural convection. This method doesn’t use any external help, so the problem with this method is that uneven distribution occurs. But this type consumes less power. In the Frost Free method, the air is circulated evenly. This is possible with electrical fans and doesn’t allow ice to form inside the compartments. But this model is much more expensive.

Types of Refrigerators:

Refrigerators are mainly classified into five types such as single door, double door, triple door, side by side, and mini-refrigerator. You should know these many types of refrigerators when you are going to buy the refrigerator. You can choose the right type after checking the space in your house, the budget you have for purchase, and features of the appliance.

Energy Rating:

Refrigerators are awarded star ratings that mean the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). When you have a higher star rating, it means the refrigerator is much efficient and saves power. For instance, a 1-star rating refrigerator may save your money around 300 Indian rupees per year, while a 2-star rating offers savings of up to 1200 rupees per year. Consider the 3-star rating refrigerator offers savings up to 1200 rupees per year. When you have more star ratings, you are going to make enough savings per year.


A compressor is the main component that maintains a good temperature inside your refrigerator. Such a compressor is of two types, such as general compressor and inverter compressor. In small-sized refrigerators, manufacturers use general compressors, but in medium and large-sized refrigerators, they are designed with inverter compressors. The general compressor starts running at high speed and then maintains a constant speed after some time, which helps to maintain the cooling without any loss. The inverter compressor may adjust itself to any speed based on the cooling required inside the refrigerator. 

These were the crucial things that you need to know about the refrigerator.