Adopting Azure Cloud Storage in Health Care Environment


For years, healthcare providers have struggled to improve the quality and efficiency of their services. Healthcare organizations are struggling with the exponential rate of data growth. The growing data needs increase the requirement of storage as well. If you belong to hospital, clinic or any healthcare center and your data storage needs are increasing then you must have considered cloud up till now. Cloud storage solutions are low in cost and convenient to opt. Azure cloud storage provides you data storage solutions for your medical data; in a simple, secure and fast way.

What are the Azure Cloud Storage services, your health care center can adopt?

Microsoft Azure storage is the cloud computing platform that is created to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of Microsoft managed datacenters.


The data growth in the health sector is on a rush. The continual data growth and holding on to past patient’s data is difficult these days. Healthcare centers require more cost-effective and scalable technologies. Backup to Azure is a smart solution for backup and archiving. The data can be kept in the hot data onsite, while pushing the archival/cold data to Azure cloud.


Azure provides you with compute where the virtual machines, containers, batch processing and remote application access is provided. This is beneficial for the health care providers where they have to access the data from multiple locations.

Disaster Recovery:

With data storage, you have to take care about disaster recovery as disasters can happen any time and you can face data loss. If you want to deploy the site recovery in Microsoft Azure storage, you don’t require capital expenditure on hardware. You can have diverse locations which can help you out to get data recoverability easily. Thus, it covers backup and disaster recovery both.

Data Online:

Azure Cloud Storage provides you with the internet connected devices that, trade and collect data. Transformation happens in an instance in health care. Health care organizations can be facilitated by this service, where the data is updated to the cloud when it is changed. Internet of things allow you to capture, monitor and analyze your data from sensors and other devices.

Data Encryption and Security:

Cloud storage solutions by the Azure provide the security and data encryption for your data, which is in the cloud. It provides at-rest volume data encryption, in-transit volume data encryption and encryption of management data.

With Azure cloud storage you can take care of electronic medical records managements and patient engagement. Managing medication, obtaining quick and accurate second opinions, or seamlessly streaming medical information from wearable devices via mobile applications directly to the electronic medical records is easy through Microsoft Azure Storage. For data storage needs Azure provides customized solution for your health care organization, keeping in mind your requirements and needs. Your data storage needs will be answered be Microsoft Azure.