A funny life with Cat Meme Woman Yelling At Cat Vintage Shirt

Cat Vintage Shirt

Nowadays, there are a variety of things going viral on the internet for good reasons. There are stories that warm your heart of people helping each other, videos of soldiers arriving home to surprise loved ones, and people overcoming difficulties to gain success. All of those are shared and posted over and over again, and for good goals One of them is the “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme. Although it is not new, the meme seems to have taken stage front and center over the past few weeks thanks to Twitter. Now we can not seem to get away from the overly emotional woman and the smug feline. The meme has found itself customized to basically any geographic location and every stereotypical situation there can be.

Cats and memes, what can be better than this blessed combination? If you are active on social media, there is a very slim chance that you have missed the ‘woman yelling at cat’ meme. The meme is actually a combination of two different pictures. It pairs a scene from a fight from TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with the picture of a cat named Smudge.

For Armstrong, however, the image of her screaming comes from a 2011 episode in season two of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” During the episode, titled “Malibu Beach Party From Hell,” Armstrong was telling her friends about her experience with domestic violence and abuse by her late ex-husband. Besides, Armstrong also revealed after filing for divorce and speaking out about the alleged abuse. Her former husband died by suicide. Another “Housewives” cast member, Camille Grammer, was filmed gossiping with other people about Armstrong’s past. It made Armstrong worry about how her current husband would react. After the other cast members kept trying to minimize Armstrong’s feelings about the gossip with Grammer, it sparked a major fight. The resulting fight led to the image now famous in the Woman Yelling at a Cat meme.

The cat in the meme is Smudge, the table cat. It owns a white fur. It first went viral when the picture of him sat and the table captioned: “he no like vegetables” was posted on Tumblr. At the present, the cat has become a famous cat which people like. In particular, there are a lot of fans following it on Instagram

The meme brings countless laughs for you. As you known, in modern life, people have a lot of schedules every day. We almost spend our time completing the tasks, meeting the deadlines and so on. Adding some humorous memes will help you release stress and relax my mind.  Particularly, if you feel sad or disappointed, meme is an effective way of improving your moods.

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