A Cute Christmas with All I want For Christmas Is You Just Kidding I Want Elephant Christmas Shirt

Elephant Christmas Shirt

December 25th is Christmas. This is a special day as it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ Christmas is one of the biggest festival of a year in a European countries however, in recent years, the Christmas Day became a public holiday in the world. Christmas reinforces the belief of one’s soul and heals all sadness and dissatisfaction.

On this day, All the city is decorated with color and lights. Therefore, it is a chance for citizens go out, take many beautiful photos and transfer to each other People also come together to decorate house, prepare delicious meals and spend time doing good things. During Christmas, there are a lot of delicious dishes such as: fried chicken, sweet cake and candy and so on. People enjoy the tasty cuisines and share about ups and down in their life 

There are also a range of people and objects represent Christmas. These include not only baby Jesus, the Nativity and The Three Kings but also Santa Claus, reindeer and elves. Common objects at this time of year are pine trees, holly, decorations, fairy lights and candles. In addition, the snow is a symbol of Christmas being a symbol of renewal and cleanliness of the upcoming event. People, especially the children, gather together to create snowman and play the snow

There are a lot of parties held on this day by the different way. Celebrating a cute and unique Christmas for your family with pine trees, holly, decorations, fairy lights and candles which help your party become more excellent and dynamic.

Elephants are quite large animals. They have four legs which resemble large pillars. They have two ears which are like big fans. Elephants have a special body part which is their trunk. In addition, they have a short tail. The male elephant has two teeth which are quite long and are referred to as tusks. Elephants are herbivorous and feed on leaves, plants, grains, fruits and more. They are mostly found in Africa and Asia. Most of the elephants are grey in color, however, in Thailand, they have white elephants.

In addition, elephants are one of the longest-lived animals with an average lifespan of around 5 to 70 years. But, the oldest elephant to ever live passed away at the age of 86 years. Furthermore, they mostly inhabit jungles but humans have forced them to work in zoos and circuses. Elephant is one of the most intelligent animals. Similarly, they are quite obedient too. Usually, the female elephants live in groups but the male ones prefer solitary living. Additionally, this wild animal has great learning capacity. Humans use them for transport and entertainment purposes. Elephants are of great importance to the earth and mankind. Thus, we must protect them to not create an imbalance in nature’s cycle.

Elephants come in the group of most intelligent creatures. They are capable of quite strong emotions. These creatures have earned the respect of people of Africa that share the landscape with them. This gives them a great cultural significance. Elephants are tourism magnets for mankind. In addition, they also play a great role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems. Elephant has become one of best friends of people. It is known as a symbol of Thailand culture. It appears in all Thailand festival. Moreover, elephant has also become a source of inspiration in various fields such as literature, comic strip, films, and so on

Adding these images of elephant will create laughter for your family. They also creates attraction to their children and helps their children have a funny Christmas

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