A Complete Guide On How To Use Video Marketing For Your Brand

Video Marketing

On April 23rd of 2005, the very first video which is titled “Me at the Zoo” was uploaded on the internet from a site called Youtube. The Video was filmed very simply by showing a person who was standing in front of the Elephants named Jawed Karim, the Co-Founder of the Youtube website. From then there are lot many changes have come into the picture of the internet and the concept of video uploading in the internet platform has spread beyond Youtube. Because the visual concept will have a great impact on humans than anything. In the same way, everyone across the universe has started watching videos consistently.

According to a survey which was conducted on the consumers who loves to watch videos, there are few points came into light. They are as follows.

  • In the US there is 85% of internet users will watch online video content.
  • Half of the video consumption is from the mobile phone itself.
  • The prediction on Video traffic will be 82% of all IP traffic by the year 2022.

And it is a well-known fact that the advertisers will summon their digital video spending by more than 25% this year. So, this means there will be a huge business concept that is going to take place. And this would be the opportunity for those who know what to record and where it to be uploaded. However, many of them don’t know how to utilize the various ways of video marketing for their brands. So, here are the top points you should know for marketing your brand through the video.

  1. Don’t Forget To Highlight The Brand Culture and Behind Scenes Videos:

Yes, these days videos of behind the scenes are getting more attention from the consumers as they will give them an idea to see what is going on in your headquarters of the company. These behind the scenes should include your employees at work culture and the interviews that are conducted with energetic team members.  This will help you people in order to grab the customer’s attention towards your brand values. And these videos should never be dramatic but it should be real with real emotional connectivity. And try to get a large Facebook link thumbnail and YouTube to FB thumbnail that brings the audience to view your site.

  1. Ad Campaigns Are Must And Should:

Videos are not only permitted to Youtube. You can also market your brand through video with large thumbnail youtube facebook, big thumbnail on fb in various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And depending on the user preference and platform requirements you should plan your video marketing in different platforms. For suppose, if you want to market your video through Facebook, you just need to have a business page. Whereas, for Youtube, you need to create a google account, open a Youtube Channel and Google Ads account.

  1. Make Sure In Landing Page Videos

Video has the capability to grab your website’s search engine rankings. The more the user spends the time on your website the more your site gets value from Google. So make sure that your landing page videos are focusing on answering questions that might be in the minds of every consumer.

  1. Instagram Stories

These days the growth of users who are showing favouritism towards Instagram Stories has been increasing. And for enterprising marketers, this is the best opportunity. Over 100 million people are having a consistent presence on Instagram. This is because of the reason that the stories have grabbed their attention.

But you should always remember that unless you add your videos to story highlights, your Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours. However, you can use these Instagram stories to promote flash sales and impulse purchases. Then they would be useful for your business marketing.

But make sure to put at least three to five stories per day in order to make your presence to reach the consumers or users consistently. Hence these are the easiest and effective ways that you can utilize in order to marketing or promoting your brands through videos in different platforms