8 App Ranking Factors In Google Play Market Businesses Must Know

App Ranking Factors In Google

The fact that businesses these days are heavily relying on digital transformation services for profits is sufficient to prove that our future will be dominated by technology. From entertainment and healthcare to education and finance, almost all the domains are moving towards digitization with the help of mobile app development. 

Its impact is progressively affecting the brand’s worldwide popularity. They are making use of mobility to battle poor ROI and low productivity.    

Have you ever considered shifting your business to digital platforms? 

Digitization can make work progress easier by providing accurate results within a short span. It ameliorates the company’s productivity, helping brands obtain a better return on the invested value. That is the reason why small, medium and large-sized businesses are creating customized applications for an enhanced and global revenue funnel. 

But despite all the advantages and applied efforts, the majority of applications fail or rank low on Google Play Store. 

Have you ever speculated why?  

Developing a business app and launching it in the Play Store does not assure success. A lot of effort goes into boosting the app’s rating on Play Store. There are some crucial factors that brands need to consider for improving app rankings.  

Would you be interested in learning techniques to improve your own app’s rankings on Google Play Store?

If yes, then here are some tested factors you can implement for better rankings on the store. Let’s get started without any further ado.       

Check out Most Important App Ranking Factors In Google Play Market!

1. Utilize App Category- Editor’s Choice

Google Play has a special category of apps known as Editor’s Choice. It includes applications that are acknowledged by the store’s editors for their creativity and innovation. This category is basically a quality mark, therefore users pay special attention to the apps in this category.

2. Number Of Downloads

There is a ‘popular’ section on the store that contains apps with the highest number of downloads. 

3. Ratings

It is completely based on user’s reviews, feedback, comments, number of downloads, and much more. 

4. Uninstall Statistics

An app can be downloaded multiple times and can be removed multiple times. There are very less chances that such an application will ever rank higher in the store. 

5. Relevance

The system analyzes how exactly an app fulfills a user’s critical requests. From search query to user’s location, the system considers different aspects. Therefore, brands must make sure to specify the following before launching the app-  

  • Maximum data
  • Including name
  • Description
  • Category

And much more!

6. The Quality Of The App

A quality product is essential for the successful promotion of stores. It needs to provide users with value in terms of both attractiveness and usability. There is probably a list of special requirements for apps in every market. Make sure you check out all the terms before you launch.    

7. Dynamics Of App Download 

One of the biggest indicators is the number of installs after the first appearance on the store. For a good rating on Play Store, brands need to have a good number of downloads in the first 72 hours. Having said that we do realize the different rules of different countries. For example, to rank in the USA an app needs 49k installation, but in Moldova, 6k installation would do.       

8. Visit Duration

The more users use/visit your app, the greater is the chance of getting a better ranking.   

Wrapping It Up!

Make sure you consider these factors for a better ranking in Google Play Market. Even if you don’t have a business application now, these pointers will helpful when you launch your own app in the market. 

If you need detailed insights about mobile app development and related technicalities, then make sure you connect with the leading app strategists. If you are willing to launch your own app in 2021, a team of professionals can help you emerge successfully through a cutting-edge market.       

So what are you waiting for? 

Adopt the most suited digital service for 24*7 customer support, improved reliability, flexibility, and management of valuable data. 

But until that big step, stay glued to this portal for more trendy buzz from the tech world. In case you have any queries, make sure you connect with me through the comment section present below. 

Happy reading!