6 Ways to Match Charms that Enhance Your Looks

6 Ways to Match Charms that Enhance Your Looks

When you walk on the street, you will find that there is indeed a big difference between women wearing charms and women without charms. Wearing good-looking and appropriate charms can not only modify your appearance and figure but also greatly enhance the sense of fashion and luxury. Especially for fashion wear, the existence of charm is important. But if you don’t know what to wear with what wholesale charms and you don’t think they look good, I hope the suggestions are given below to help you!
If you are interested, read on and delve into the world of beautiful charms.

    1. Judge Different Styles of Charm

      We advocate dressing to be consistent with our own style, that is to say, we usually say that dressing conforms to our own sense of bending and straightness. And a single item embellished like a charm, of course, also needs to be like clothes. It is necessary to choose a style that combines bending and straightness with the whole outfit to make the outfit look more harmonious.

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      The bending and straightness of charms are the same as our judgment of people. The feeling of bending is actually like a circle, round and curved. The sense of straightness is like a rectangle, with edges and corners and sharp lines. The curvier the style of the charms, the more rounded it looks, the softer and more feminine it feels, such as elements such as circles, flowers, pearls, and lace. The straighter the style of the charms, the more angular it looks, the sharper and more masculine it feels, such as chains, rivets, squares, and other elements.

    2. Charms Weight Represents Maturity

      The weight of the charm is also the same as we judge people, and the weight of the charm represents the degree of maturity. The sense of volume of charm is much easier to judge than human beings, because charms ​is always an object, and we only need to observe its large, small, light, and heavy. Under normal circumstances, thick and large charms have a larger sense of volume, such as large earrings and thick chain necklaces; conversely, thin and small ones have a smaller sense of volume, like small earrings and small pendants necklaces.

      10 Pack Geometric Winding Hollow Flower CharmsIf you are a woman who likes cute styles, you can choose lightweight charms. If you are a more mature woman, you can choose the charms of weighty style. The curvilinear style charm is suitable for a more feminine style, and the linear style is more suitable for a neutral style. Finally, the charm of the middle style is suitable for all women. Choose this style when you really don’t know how to choose.

    3. Choose Charm According to Your Style

      Whether it is choosing the curvy and straightness of the charms, or choosing the light and weight of the charms. The easiest way is to choose a match based on how you dress. Lightweight charm is matched with soft, thin, minimalist, or visually youthful clothes. Heavier charm can be paired with clothes that have a sense of silhouette, complex and layered designs, or more mature visually. For younger styles such as doll skirts and small cardigans, choose smaller cute charms, while wearing more formal and mature styles like long skirts and suits can choose larger necklaces and earrings.

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      In addition, the volume of charms has to be considered to conform to our own sense of volume. If it looks younger women, it is not suitable for mature styles, otherwise, it will not play a good role in modification. This is why, although they are wearing more mature suits, Asian bloggers with a small sense of volume will not wear styles that are too large or too thick, while European and American bloggers with a sense of volume will choose thick necklaces.

    4. Cross Selection of Different Charms

      In addition to the choices mentioned above, sometimes we can also cross-select different styles of charms. Except for the special style tendency, such as the girl group style or the neutral style, our clothes need to be combined with soft and hard styles, which will appear more elegant and noble. That is to say when choosing charms, ensure that the sense of volume matches the clothing and appearance, and adjust the straightness.

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      If your look is not a gentle style, and in the overall wear, you have chosen a neutral style with a small curvature. At this time, if you choose to use earrings with a small degree of curvature, the overall style will appear too straight, and this combination will easily give people a strange feeling. For example, when you are wearing a suit and casual pants, and the square sunglasses you are wearing are of a straighter style, then you can choose a curved ring on the earring selection, but the essence is a metal material. This combination is more harmonious without losing the style.

    5. Adjust Charms According to Clothing

      The style of clothing sometimes affects our choice of charm. It is very important to make your outfit only have one highlight decoration. For example, when your clothes styles are too gorgeous, such as printed skirts or exaggerated designs, try to choose simple charm styles and ensure that there is only one key decoration throughout the body to make the overall look more harmonious and beautiful.

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      If your clothes have a sense of design and the color of your matching bag is very bright, if you add some big golden charm at this time, it will easily look a little exaggerated. When you wear a floral skirt, you can cross-select the charms design, and match a skirt with many design elements to earrings or necklaces that are simple and not obvious. You can retain the volume feeling of the floral skirt design, and then the material of the floral skirt is light that can match with a pair of small earrings to echo it. This combination will give people a very comfortable and relaxed feeling, but at the same time, it is very fashionable.

  1. Choose Charms for Different Collars

    Like earrings and rings, most of them still consider the style, and occasionally need to refer to the person’s skin color and face. The choice of necklace style is directly related to different collars. V-neck clothes are matched with necklaces according to the length of the neck. V-neck is more common in clothing styles, but there are different matching methods for people with different neck lengths. When women with short necks wear a V-neck, it is recommended to wear a long necklace. In addition to echoing the collar of the clothes, it can also lengthen the neckline better.

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    Square collar and heart-shaped collar clothes can be matched with short necklaces. This type of collar has become more popular in the past two years. Generally, there are more areas exposed on the neck and chest, and it is easy to look relatively empty. Therefore, when wearing this kind of collar, it is necessary to make up for the area of the neck that is too empty. At this time, it is more suitable for matching short necklaces, not only more retro but also layered.

It turns out that there are so many details that need to be paid attention to when choosing charm to match clothes. Have you understood the above methods? They may look a little complicated but they are actually very simple. You only need to spend a little patience to solve the problems that exist in matching, and you will become more and more beautiful. If you want to know more styles of wholesale charms, welcome to click our OOK JEWELRY online store, we sincerely look forward to your arrival!

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