5 Things to Know about the Irish Culture

Irish Culture

Ireland has created a unique place in the global map with its interesting culture, traditions, folk music, cuisines and abundant scenic beauty. The country that gave us the ever famous mythical Leprechaun has been heavily influenced by Scottish, English, and Anglo-Norman cultures. 

Even within the country, there is a vast diversity in the rural and urban parts which adds more layers to its already interesting ambience. With heavy Celtic influence, Ireland has stood out with its religious ceremonies and many ancient castles that have shown their influence in music, art, literature and cinematic mediums. 

While the Emerald Isle continuous to mesmerise us with its rustic beauty, mystery and old-world charm, click here are some amazing things to known about the unique Irish culture. 

  1. Land of artists- The amazing settings of Ireland are enough to inspire creativity in a person and hence, it comes as no surprise that the place is home to many Nobel Prize in Literature winners. Some of the most famous names include Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and W. B. Yeats. Also, one of the most iconic literary figures, Bram Stoker was conceived in this land. Other very notable Irish writers have been Oscar Wilde and Jonathon Swift. 
  1. Paganism- Old world religion and paganism that have almost disappeared from around the world are still strong in Ireland. In the pre- Christianity era, Ireland was a pagan community and the customs still live on till date. Seasons in the country are still celebrated according to pagan rituals – Imbolc marks the beginning of spring, Bealtaine, summer, Lughnasadh autumn and Samhain is celebrated in winter. The festival of Samhain is from where Halloween has originated. 
  1. Mythology- Ireland and mythology share a very strong bond and the country is full of legends, fairy tales and mythical creatures. The present-day culture is a unique mix of modern tech advanced race and ancient folklore which gives Ireland a cool and eclectic vibe. The famous tale of Bard has weaved mermaid, fairies, pixies, goblins and all other mythical creatures into the cultural identity of Ireland. 
  1. Pub culture- Irish are the most casual, laid backed and approachable people and this is evident in their famous pub culture. Going to pubs is like a new age custom for the Irish people and you will find numerous pubs in the place. Some are lively and buzzing with music whereas others are calm and quiet. Though each pub has its unique ambience and they are usually filled by natives. If you wish to enjoy an authentic Irish experience then you have to go pub hopping and try out Guinness, a dark Irish dry stout. 
  1. Saint Patrick’s Day- This day is not just Ireland’s annual holiday but is deeply ingrained into the Irish culture and their love for the colour green. Celebrations and distribution of food and memorabilia are common on Saint Patrick’s Day which is on March 17th each year. The day is in honour of the saint who banished snakes and introduced Ireland to the Trinity. 

Apart from all this, Ireland has also given the world, Riverdance which is a popular form of Irish dance. The nation continuous to cast bewitching magic around the world and hence is considered one of the most notable tourist destination. 

This article is written by Nandita Kaushal.