5 Best Occasions to Wear a Lehenga

Best Occasions to Wear a Lehenga

India is a nation of festivals and therefore needs a gorgeous attire to coincide with the theme and feel of the event. Considering the wide variety of those festivals, it is not wrong to state that there is a huge demand for gorgeous attire.

However, prior to finalizing one, it is important that you find a lehenga which is suitable for your style and body type, together with the event you are planning to wear it on.

It consists of three particular pieces, i.e., skirt or lehenga, choli, and dupatta. The choli is a blouse that could have shorts, sleeveless, or long sleeves. The star of the series is truly the lehenga that has evolved to a floor-length skirt that is adorned with embroidery, beadwork, stone work to boost its beauty.

The final piece that completes the appearance but keeps conventional significance is your dupatta. Commonly created from a different cloth choice, it creates a contrast to the other two elements of the dress.

Now the lehenga choli is just one such outfit which can be worn for a plethora of events such as parties, weddings, durga puja, Diwali, receptions, and so on. Here we will take a look at all of the places where you can wear lehenga choli.

1. Weddings

A lehenga is an elegant option which you can’t go wrong with. Just about any color looks magnificent from the graceful style this outfit has to offer you. Adorned with crochet design, flowery designs or sequins forming pictures, the skirt is thick and has to be fixed closely to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

The blouse can be styled to any cut you desire, conventional styles as well as the contemporary western fashions to give your ensemble a new twist which will make certain to be the talk of the town.

Remember to put on dupatta because it completes the whole appearance. Dupatta is usually made of nettings which goes well with the entire dress. No woman is prepared to step outside her room with no proper accessories to accompany her clothes, similarly for a lady who’s to attend a marriage.

Weddings are amazingly trendy occasions and need all of the attendees to dress to impress, so be certain that you pull out your flashy appearance.

2. Engagement Party

Though not a very large Indian function, it has become more prominent lately for couples who want to get a public statement of the official pairing and their wedding date, in addition, it marks the first union of bride and groom to be, making it a massive celebration.

Still, it’s an event which needs an outfit fit for the party; this is the point where the lehenga choli enters the picture. As your in-laws to be there, it’s an additional reason to dress much more elegant than ever.

You can pick a lehenga with different fabric designs and textures, so one apparel is your choli suit. Various fabrics like cotton, silk, netting, cotton, jacquard, lace, and so on are incorporated into the making of this dress to create a unique look.

3. Parties

Parties are always a call to go for a shopping trip as with no doubt that all of the guests will probably be dressed up in their stylish outfits and you won’t need to appear to be a homeless person in contrast to them.

Some clothes are evergreen and don’t actually go out of style; the lehenga is traditional yet classic, that will keep your style updated throughout the year. With such a wide choice of contemporary, cultural, and indo-western fashions you will be catered for all kinds of celebrations, birthdays, reunions or office celebrations, there’s one for each event.

Go ahead and wear a fitting skirt and tunic that have the same designs, or keep it simple with sophisticated, plain or glossy modern designs like sequins, stonework, or perhaps pearls. If the event calls for a hyped-up appearance, pair your skirt with a top, blouse or just a crop shirt to give it an additional twist.

Whatever style you choose, you will stand out and have all admirers speaking about how great you look.

4. Traditional Festivals and Religious Events

Traditional festivals are a regular part of our lives and are scattered across the calendar. The religious events and festivals which calls for traditional Indian wear are pujas, Diwali, Navratri, Durga Puja, and so on.

Planning for all these occasions is critical if you would like to be dressed perfectly for every event. Certain festival requires specific clothing, which may become troublesome for a lot of women.

Therefore with the right idea in your mind, you can defuse the circumstance. Ethnic wear is something every woman and girl have in their wardrobes. That ethnic wear is your traditionally styled lehenga choli.

Fit for most festivals, since it’s just designed with half/long sleeves along with a high neckline to prevent displaying too much skin unintentionally. Floral or conventional motifs will be the embroidered style of selection.

5. Wedding Receptions

Receptions are an occasion held per day after the wedding. It is a perfect opportunity to rock your wedding reception with lehenga. An elegantly designed choli featuring magnificent designs seems the best option when it’s paired up with a skirt which includes a similar design.

It’s the first time that the bride meets the acquaintances of the groom and you’ll want to make a lasting impression, why don’t you provide them with an outfit look that can make them remember you forever.

Final Thought

Our everyday lives involve many unique occasions, some which are planned and a few which are unexpected. Regardless, we must have an outfit which is suitable for the event. If you are looking to buy lehenga for any of the occasion mentioned above, then you can look locally or online through Fabricoz. A lehenga choli is an all-occasion ethnic dress of India that’s guaranteed to have her look like a celebrity.