4 Easy Ways to Check Your Provident Fund Balance Instantly

Provident Fund Balance Instantly
Employee’s Provident Fund that is also known as PF enables you to raise a corpus that helps you make ends meet after retirement. A portion of your salary goes into a PF account every month and equal contribution needs to be furnished from your employer’s end as well. To get clarity about the total contribution that is accumulated in your PF account, you can use these easy and simple ways:

1st Way – Try the Umang App

The Umang App that was introduced by the Indian Government, proves to be a one point access to different government services. As EPF is a government backed scheme, you can check your PF balance by using this app as well.

2nd Way – Directly through SMS 

You can know your PF balance directly by typing a message EPFOHO UAN ENG. The letters towards the end of this message denote the language. You can change the language as per your convenience as the option of 10 languages is provided here. After typing this message you can send it to 7738299899 you will receive a message that reflects your EPF balance and information related to your latest PF contribution.

3rd Way – Through a Missed Call 

You can also give a missed call on 011-22901406 to know your PF balance. After the missed call, you will get a message reflecting your PF details on your phone. However, for both SMS and miss call features, only the number that you have submitted to the UAN portal at the time of registration needs to be used.

4th Way – Via EPFO Portal 

For checking your provident fund online balance via the EPFO portal you can adhere to the following steps: Go to the EPFO portal and search the option of ‘For Employees’ in a section called ‘Our Services’. Here, you will find a tab called ‘Services’ under which you will find an option called ‘Members Passbook’. Click on it and submit your UAN ID and password for logging in. You can now see your passbook to check your PF details. The EPF interest changes after every quarter and currently it is 7.1%. However, if you are looking for more flexibility in terms of investment and liquidity options then you can invest in a high-paying fixed deposit scheme like Bajaj Finance FD. The reasons for investing in this particular fixed deposit account are stated below:
  • Lucrative FD rate 
The FD interest rate of Bajaj Finance FD is as high as 7.25%. This is not only better than the current EPF rate but it is also one of the highest interest rates in the fixed deposit segment. This lucrative FD rate fetches substantial returns on maturity and you can also choose between cumulative and non-cumulative FD plans as per your financial needs.
  • Multi-deposit facility
The multi-deposit facility of Bajaj Finance lets you pick the deposit amount, tenor range, and FD type of your choice to enable you to invest in several FDs at once. You can invest in multiple FDs with a single payment cheque. The tenor range is between 12 and 60 months and the minimum deposit amount for each FD will be Rs. 25,000. This feature helps you to ladder your deposits to take care of your short and long term financial needs perfectly.
  • Additional rate of interest 
Senior citizens can invest in any of its FD plans to receive a 0.25% higher interest rate than regular citizens. Also, the online investment option gives you 0.10% additional FD rate as well. This higher FD rate helps you earn better returns at maturity. To check how these excess FD rates can impact your interest gains, you can use an FD calculator that is integrated on its website. EPF allows you to secure your future after retirement. You can now check the EPF balance through various ways like SMS, miss call, EPFO portal, and the Umang App. Investors prefer EPF as it provides a high interest rate. EPF does not provide the kind of flexibility that you would need in today’s times as it is designed as a long term investment tool. However, fixed deposit schemes like Bajaj Finance FD provide a high FD rate up to 7.25%. Not only that, but its modern features like multi-deposit facility, additional FD rate to senior citizens, additional FD rate provided on using the online FD form to open fixed deposit account online etc. make it one of the best instruments for meeting both short term and long term financial goals.