5 Common Sense Home Security Practices To Adopt

Home Security

Every homeowner desires a safe and secure home. This requires putting in effort to adopt good habits that keep your whole household and belongings safe. Taking simple measures goes a long way to secure your home for peace of mind. With simple common sense habits, you can maintain a sufficient level of security in your home. Vigilance and being extremely careful protects what is important to you. Keep the following in mind to protect your home from crime. 

FHome Security

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Securing all doors

Doors are the most common entry point for burglars into a home. Ensure to have all doors locked at night and when away from home. Some people forget closing the back door or the kitchen door. This is very risky since burglars are likely to use these to get into your home. Burglars and intruders usually check for every available access point during an attack. So, always keep all doors locked in your home.

Locking sliding doors require using long sturdy planks. This makes it hard for burglars in a bid to pick the locks. Invest in heavy deadbolt locks or a double cylinder door know for extra safety. Your doors become stronger and harder to break than those with standard locks. The rule of thumb is to mind where you place the key just in case a fire breaks out. 

Invest in a security system

Quality home security systems in Bakersfield Ca beef up residential security. Installing cameras connected to a smartphone offers remote access to whatever goes on in your home. Remote access also allows keeping watch over kids and pets when away from home. The ideal security system should keep windows, driveways, doors, and garages safe. 

In case of attack, the security system sets off an alarm to alert neighbors. These can call the nearby police for rapid response to your predicament. This allows apprehending the criminals to face justice. A reputable security agency installs security systems to match the requirements of customers after an evaluation. This allows keeping your valuables and household safe even when away from home. 

Securing all windows

After the doors, windows are another favorite entry point for burglars into a home. The criminals can break in through the ground floor windows and those on upper storeys. So, keeping all windows secured at night and when away from home is a proactive measure. Installing fans and air conditioners near the windows make easy access for criminals to break into a home. These just push the fixtures away to easily climb through to access your home. Talk to your installer for an alternative position to avoid such incidents. 

Alternatively, consider fortifying your windows with additional locks such as locking pins and hinged wedges on double-hung windows. You can as well invest in a window alarm or burglar proofing on the windows to secure them from a break-in. This is a proactive measure to limit efforts of criminals to access your property. 

Use lighting wisely

Lighting is an essential aspect of home security. Keep your interior well lit to avoid making it obvious to criminals that you are not home. Have the porch light on and another in the interior when home or away. This gives neighbors visibility to keep an eye on your property when away from home. sufficient light is also a major deterrent for criminals to avoid detection. Invest in smart lighting fixtures and timers to remotely manage your lighting when away on vacation. This gives an impression to passersby that there is someone at home.  

Outdoor lighting is also very important for home security. Well-lit landscapes scare criminals since anyone can easily notice them creeping on your property. To enhance this, invest in motion sensor lights in the front and backyard for an extra layer of protection. This significantly lowers the chances of criminals and intruders from targeting your property. 

Avoid incentives

Leaving items strewn in the backyard is an incentive for criminals. Always keep all items such as work tools such as ladders and kids’ items in a safe place after use. Apart from attracting criminals, these might use some of the items to break into your home. The criminals can use a ladder in your backyard to access an open window on an upper floor. Avoid leading items lying about in your yard to lessen chances of criminals using them to compromise security in your home. 


Keeping your home secure is a significant role of Bakersfield homeowners. Using the above common-sense tips is a proactive measure to keep your family and belongings safe all the time. A good idea is to enlist the services of a professional security agency for an audit to determine the ideal security measures to adopt in your home. The company will recommend an appropriate home security system to match your home requirements.