How To Make a Gift Basket

Gift Basket

This is an article that would discuss the step-by-step procedure on making the perfect gift baskets for special events and clever theme suggestions for baskets. Creating together a gift basket should be quick and easy. It is fun and appealing thru giving baskets with a variety of themes for guests. Try out this gift baskets, visit Gifts Baskets Canada.

 The Steps to Creating The Perfect Gift Basket

  1.   Begin by choosing a theme and go buying the items. The basket can look like anything related to its theme. For example, for an Italian theme, you may pick a pasta bowl as the basket to be used.
  2. Be sure to get a cellophane bag, scissors, tissue paper, cellophane sheets, tape or glue and ribbon to whip up the finishing touches for your basket.
  3. Gather up the work area like a large folding table.
  4. Add all the goods on the table.
  5. Place a sheet of tissue paper below the basket to aid in propping up items. For using large containers, it is necessary to use a lot of tissue or newspaper. You can also use a small cardboard box, which can be covered in tissue paper.
  6. Start with adding one of the sturdiest goods in the centre. This should be the centrepiece of the basket, which you can build around it by adding goods encircling it.
  7. Place larger and taller goods at the back of the centre item.
  8. Add smaller goods upfront.
  9. When you have goods that are too big for the basket, try by removing it out of the package or by just using a part of it. For example, when you have a big container of cookies, just open it, and select a few smaller packages of cookies to be added to the basket.
  10. Place softer goods, such as hand towels, to add inside gaps.
  11. When you add goods to the basket, be sure that the labels are facing forward and there are no price tags seen.
  12. Place sheets of tissue paper in the other gaps.
  13. Always check if the goods stay in place. Use glue dots or tape to protect their places in the basket.
  14. Check in the basket carefully and feel free to rearrange some goods when it is needed.
  15. If you still need help, ask a friend to aid in wrapping the basket in cellophane or add it in a cellophane bag. It is easier to use these items for wrapping because it didn’t need to be cut off.
  16. Next, just open the bag and place down its sides. Ask a friend to hold the bag while you slowly lift the basket and place it inside the bag.
  17. For goods that are large and doesn’t fit inside the basket, you may place them behind the basket.
  18. Slowly roll up the sides of the cellophane bag of the basket.
  19. Next, twist the top of the cellophane bag with the basket. Ask for a friend to keep the top while you tie the ribbon and make a bow. Be sure to make use of wide and wired ribbon for the bow, because it is strong and can be shaped into place.
  20. Check on any final nip and tucks to be done. You may seek to fold and tape any cellophane flaps below the basket.