Enhanced Features Users Can Enjoy In AutoCAD 2016

Enhanced Features Users Can Enjoy In AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD has enjoyed great popularity across the world as reliable CAD software. Many of its users learn it all by themselves by making mistakes and improving on them. The AutoCAD 2016 application has a wide range of benefits for its users, which would help them in improving their productivity. Some of the most useful features are listed below:

  • Dimensioning: Many of the improved dimensioning tools include a default layer for all the dimensions. The DIM command helps the user in choosing from various options available for the dimension preview. Wrapping of text in dimensions is also supported with this feature.
  • Enhancements in Status Bar: When the user has more number of icons that cannot fit in a single row, the status bar can wrap on two rows.
  • Enhancements in PDF: In AutoCAD 2016, an attached PDF file can be zoomed and panned with great ease by the user. He or she can also search more forms of AutoCAD text in PDF output files, including the SHX fonts and Unicode characters.
  • Geometric Center Object Snap: This feature in AutoCAD 2016 allows users to snap to the polygons’ center and closed polylines. When a user types GCE in the commandline, he or she can access it like any of the other object snap.
  • Lock UI: This is an interesting tool in AutoCAD 2016 that can lock the interface and prevent users from moving the elements. Although it is not a new feature, the users can benefit from it by accessing the feature on their status bar.
  • Enhancements in 3D: There are many changes being made in 3D, for example, added flexibility is available in the section object created by using Section Plane. This tool has been around for many years, but the latest version of AutoCAD has added a new Slice that generates a thin cut.

The use of AutoCAD’s latest version would definitely benefit the architectural and construction firms. The software goes way beyond just design, and incorporates latest tools and advanced analyses. Constant enhancements made in AutoCAD’s versions over a period of time have resulted in greater accuracy in designs and improved productivity of the design staff. The AutoCAD drawing created using its advanced features can be extremely useful at the construction site. With proper training, the design staff can use its functionalities effectively for creation of great designs with greater accuracy. Such drawings can also reduce the possibilities of clashes in complex mechanical, plumbing, and structural frameworks.

Author Bio: The author works with a leading publication associated with the construction industry. She has been writing about the benefits of AutoCAD drawing and constant improvements in the AutoCAD software over the years.