What Is The Most Comfortable Bicycle For A Passenger?

special touring bikes

Most bicycles can be divided into two groups: mountain and road. Mountain bikes are designed for off-road use and racing bikes just for the road.


It is easier to equip mountain bikes for sightseeing. They provide a more comfortable position for upright driving, picking up thick tires, sweating on slopes with little speed, and better resisting abuse.

Tourists in areas where there are no paved roads prefer mountain bikes. In addition to their overall robustness, most mountain bikes have front forks to absorb the influence of rough terrain.

special touring bikes

Road bikes are designed to be fast and agile. They only fit on thin tires and are not designed to support the weight of a rotating load. In addition, the series wheels on racing bikes are too high for many tourists.

For those who are seriously interested in cycle tourism, it is worth considering some models dedicated to tourism. These combine the features of mountain bikes and racing bikes, along with others designed specifically for sightseeing activities.

Like mountain bikes, special touring bikes models fit larger tires and fenders. Riders who feel upright are designed to withstand bumps and falls. As with racing bikes, they are often equipped with a handlebar to increase the hand position and have no front suspension.


Two steel or aluminium options are available for the journey. Titanium can occasionally appear more often in tandems and sit back, but the use of this extremely durable and lightweight metal increases the cost.

High-end road bikes have carbon frames to reduce their weight. This material is not suitable for touring because it is weaker than metal and can crumble under the weight of luggage racks and suitcases.


When it comes to comfort, the geometry of a frame is probably more important than its material. Geometry refers to the relationships between the different lengths of pipe that make up the frame.

The specific frames for the tour have a longer wheelbase; The linear distance between the two wheels is larger than in conventional bicycles. Longer chains and a fork with rake enable this, resulting in more stability and comfort.

Characteristics of the driving frame:

You need to build a racing bike: drive well under load, carry luggage racks, front and back suitcases, and have a powertrain that you can count on day after day.

You know that a bicycle has been designed for touring if it has eyelets (threaded holes) in the rear dropouts, seats, and fork. This is the easiest way to mount the front and rear grilles on the bike. The installation of most mudguards also requires special eyelets in the frame.


If the bike of your dreams lacks the eyelets, do not despair. Mountain bikes with front suspension, for example, have no grommets on the fork. There are ways to avoid this, eg. As shelves with clamps or those that guide a mandrel through the wheel axle. Alternatively, you can pull a trailer instead of saddlebags.