Travelling with Kids – Best Way to Get Through the Airport Security

Airport Security

When you are a parent of small kids, it is really challenging to get through the airport security with them.  You can easily imagine the trouble and hassle of carrying heavy luggage towards the security check-in counter when you suddenly understand that your baby has started screaming or crying badly.

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It can be really disturbing, when you are watching your baby crying, but are unable to pick him up as you have to handle luggage with your husband. You can actually ensure a comfortable and peaceful passage through the security with the help of a few tips.

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  • Let Your Kid Know About the Security Procedure

Communicate with your children regarding the airport security procedure, before you reach the airport to take your flight. This practice will help your kid to understand that all of you have to pass through the security check before boarding the plane. If your baby is small, you can tell him about the process like a story to keep or can present it as a stage of an interesting game, so that he doesn’t start crying or getting irritated during the process, especially while putting his favourite stuff top or a game on the security tray. You can also go for a practice a day before the fight so that your kids know how to behave during that process. Also give some attraction to the children, like if they will let the security process complete without any tantrum or problems, then you will be giving them some surprise gift or treat at the destination.

  • Prefer Carrying zip-top Bag

You need to take out all kinds of liquid-like formula milk, water, baby food, etc., while passing through the airport security, from your from carry-on baggage so that the security personnel can inspect them. I would recommend you to pack such items in an airtight container, then place it in a zip-top bag for your convenience and comfort. This will really help you at the time of inspection, as you just will have to take out one bag instead of a number of containers or bottles. The zip-top bag being transparent, will be easy to be inspected and will definitely save you time at the screening spot.

  • Avoid wearing accessories

Kids undoubtedly look a lot cuter in bracelets, hair clips or hair bands, but it will definitely create problems for you over the security check. You will have to remove the hair clips, bracelets as such items will be needed to be checked through the x-ray scanner. So if you are intending for a quick airport security o through, then ask your kids to avoid wearing such accessories on the flight day.

Kid traveller with his grandpa

  • Make separate backpacks for each kid

This trick is especially beneficial when you have more than one kid. Prepare a backpack for every kid so that the chance of missing something essential like a blanket or stuffed toy reduces considerably

  • Backpack for each kid

If you are travelling with more than one child, then prepare a separate backpack for every kid. This trick greatly reduces the chance of missing an item like a stuffed toy, a video game that is essential for your child.

While waiting in the long parking queue, you must tell your kids that they have to place their toys and other games in the backpack, so that when the backpack is being checked through the x-ray scanner, they might not feel uncomfortable.

You need to keep all of your baby belongings well organized and at easy access so that once you have gone through the security check, you can easily hand over their required items as a reward after behaving nicely during the security check.

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