How To Manage Your Wikipedia Profile?

Wikipedia page creation

Wikipedia is the hub of information that is used by almost everyone who can access the internet through any medium. The popularity of the site is beyond what most of us imagine as it has more than 5 million visitors who visit it monthly. Moreover, the site offers encyclopedia on countless subjects in more than 250 languages, making them understandable for almost everyone who can read. Other than that, the site is regarded as credible by many of its users because it prohibits political biases at all levels and in all forms.

There is a list of characteristics that makes Wikipedia a desirable site for all who want to be famous worldwide. Be it a business that wants to experience a global exposure for better SEO and brand image or a personality that have a significant number of achievements to become known internationally, Wikipedia is a platform that can provide them with what they are looking for. Anyone who fulfills the notability criteria of Wikipedia may already have a Wikipedia page created by the volunteers. Many people who do not get noticed by the volunteers even though their profiles are eligible for having a Wikipedia page, often opt for writing agencies who offer Wikipedia editors for hire. Many businesses also go for that option.

What Should You Do If Wikipedia Has Created A Page For You?

However, if you are one of those people or businesses who deserved a Wikipedia page for their contributions and someone did the job for them, you need to do a few things. Having a Wikipedia page that you did not create voluntarily by taking any professional help can be a danger in some cases. Volunteers who create the page for you do not always put correct information and they only write what they find during their research. The information may omit some of your credits or add something that you do not want to have on your Wikipedia page.

Re-edit Your Page

In such scenarios, the person or the business can seek help from professional Wikipedia editors for hire to edit the information on the pages effectively. They can also edit the pages by themselves by making a Wikipedia account and editing the pages according to the policies of Wikipedia. Otherwise, if there is no page created by Wikipedia for you or your business and you want to own one, you can go for it by hiring a professional Wikipedia writer or an editor who can get the job done. Again, anyone can create a Wikipedia page with some basic knowledge of the platform, and if you think that you know enough, you can create your own page without seeking help from professionals.

Follow the Rules

Remember that Wikipedia functions according to the policies that it has, and nobody can successfully change the information on the site without knowing about the rules in detail. If you are opting for editing your Wikipedia page that you did not create or willing to make your page from the scratch, follow the writing style that is acceptable on the site. Keep your tone neutral while writing about yourself or your business.

Moreover, it is important to make sure you are not discussing any point from a political perspective as it will evoke a severe response from other volunteers and may get it deleted soon enough even if it gets published somehow. In addition to that, do not forget to put citations and related images to strengthen your statements. Proper referencing and correct writing style are the basic requirements for Wikipedia content.

Monitor for Future

You need to keep yourself updated about your Wikipedia page as Wikipedia freely allows every visitor to edit Wikipedia pages without needing the permission from the page creator or any other authority. There are only a few pages on the site that cannot be edited by anyone without permission from editors because they are sensitive subjects. Thus, the businesses and personalities need to monitor their pages to watch out for voluntarily done edits and challenging flags that demand to delete of particular points.

Keep it Updated

Wikipedia pages free businesses from the efforts of coming up with new content where week in order to maintain SEO. However, the page owners need to update the information whenever it is needed to keep the page up-to-date. Your Wikipedia page is a platform for a huge number of audience to know what you are up to and that is why keeping the information renewed is important.

These are a few crucial tasks that a person or a business who owns a Wikipedia page should follow in order to optimize the benefits that it offers. These suggestions can be applied to both, people who were given a wiki page without opting for one as well as for those who deliberately opted for a page on the site.