How to illustrate children books using advanced and updated graphic designing tools?

children books

In this modern world, the possibilities for illustrators to express themselves grew swiftly and more freely. Techniques and advancement of the electronics are a part of this digital era. Illustrators use different designing software, such as Phothoshop, Artrage and Ikscape for illustration.

We can divide the graphic designing illustration into two large sets:

Freehand digital illustrations

The freehand digital illustrations allow very plane light and shadow alterations, making the background complexed and fine detailed. Most of these illustrations are in a scrap format and they can be scaled up and printed only to certain dimensions before they lose the quality

Vector graphics

Vector graphics/illustration is a way in which the images are produced and scaled up and down to any size, without any quality loss. Vector has some advantages in producing a certain style of imagery but it is quite difficult to make a smooth alteration with vectors. This makes it very common for website illustrations. You can easily identify the vector by its clear shapes, outlines and designs.

I am pretty sure the examples I’ve given so far are not quite enough, so following are some online illustrations and portfolios that I’ve found on the web i.e. examples of the different types of illustration:

  • Digital design illustration
  • Pencil illustration
  • Ink illustration
  • Poster’s project illustration
  • Etching project illustration

In addition, there are a numerous graphic designing tools, techniques and programs that are used in Kids book illustrations on daily basis.

Traditional Tools

There’s always been a rebirth in graphic arts directors looking for kid’s book illustrators who have unique styles in traditional methods. Watercolor, gouache, etc. are good to learn as well as pen-and-ink techniques and hand-drawn lettering are considered great.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Professional illustrators can be very expensive. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is considered as the king of the industry and top of the heap which includes Illustrator, Photoshop and graphic InDesign. Kids illustration learning is quite daunting to invest in, but they’ve recently introduced many subscription packages and even have special discount for students. No doubt, the most vital set of programs for anyone who is interested in drawing for children’s books is graphic designing/Illustration.


There is another alternative “Procreate” for the iPads, offers different brushes and textures that authentically imitate traditional analog practices. It allows you to instantly resize, erase, rotate, duplicate and copy any artwork, unlike real paper and pencil. Making an efficient work flow with no hurdles. This is an excellent tool for kid’s book illustrators, as there are many changes and nips that need to be made more often.

You can get back into any project and continue you work from where you left it, without having any issue to set up or break down tons of graphic art supply.


Inkscape offers many of the same features as the professional software does and offers many of the same features as the professional software does  is totally free version of Abobe Illustrator. It might take you a while to get used to Inkscape as its vector-based, but the pros of vector illustrations is that they can be scaled up and down or to any size without losing quality or reliability.

So, to make an amazing children book with the beautiful logos and pictures you should use advanced tools to put more creativity to your work. Graphic designing or illustration brings life to the story.