Five ways to ensure Brand Advertising Safety

Brand Advertising

It takes years for any company or an advertising agency to build a brand image of a product, but a minute to spoil that. If executed the right way, the advertising campaigns makes it possible for any brand to not just raise awareness amongst its target audience, but also boost the sales of the business. 

While in the early 70s, the traditional mediums of advertising were used to advertise about a certain product through abstract ideas picked up from films and television. However, the arrival of the Internet and social media in 90s brought a revolutionary change in the world of communication. With the indisputable advantages these two bring in the marketing business, particularly in finding fresh and innovative advertising campaign opportunities, it cannot be disregarded that it also delivers a number of different threats to the brand. 

This includes everything from online fraud to unauthorized distribution, brand abuse and even brand hijacking. And therefore, it becomes important to confirm that you are making every possible effort to maintain the integrity of your brand and not letting people do anything to damage the image of your brand that you have struggled to create.

In order to conduct a successful advertising campaign online by the brand advertising agency or the client itself, make sure that you take into account the following five tips to keep your brand secure:

  • Understand the risks involved

Having information about the risks involved is the first step to protect yourself from the cruel people (might be your competitors even) who want to damage the reputation of the brand. There are a number of ways in which your brand reputation can be ruined:

  • Diverting the traffic: Transferring the customers to another site by using a specific search engine keyword
  • Pay per click fraud: Increasing your charges by clicking on your online advertisements, faking themselves as buyers
  • Cybersquatting: Selling alternate spellings of your brand to competitors so as to use the Internet space against you
  • SEO Manipulations: Violation of search engine rankings
  • Criticisms: Frequently happens on social networking sites, as the graph of customer and business relationship continues changing 
  • Respond to criticism skilfully

Because of the continuous changing equation of the customer and the brand, it becomes most necessary to learn the art of using the negative reviews to your advantage. As we are living in a world ruled by social media, any bad review is enough to demolish the image of the brand. However, this situation can be avoided and you can therefore change the way people view your company by simply responding to your customer’s concerns and offering them a solution.

  • Maintain the consistency of your brand

The tone you shall be giving to your brand should be easily recognizable by your potential customers. This will help you when your competitors or malicious individuals are leading them off target. Additionally, this also reassures to your audience that your brand is committed to a certain set of values that are fixed and unalterable.

  • Own all the possible domain names

Purchasing any possible domain names of alternative spellings that can be used when someone is searching for your website, you can stop individuals who willingly or unwillingly wishes to damage the name of your brand. Further, registering those domain names that use variants of your own brand can act as a double check to avoid any such scamming that can result in ruining your advertising opportunities.

  • Stay alert

Watch over your brand carefully with the help of various tools and applications available today while your advertising campaign is active. These tools not just help you by letting you know that where the name of your brand has been mentioned, but also determines where your brand is likely to appear in the context of different search engine results. By keeping a close watch on your brand, you can handle any problem and be cautious of any pitfalls ahead.