Beat The Heat-stay Healthy In This Summer


In the summer heat, the temperature is rising at a peak level from the past few days. People also not able to go outside, even they go out for the office, then eagerly they sit under the air conditioners. In these days the humidity level is also high. So Have you ever thought about how to beat the heat and enjoy the summers more? Here in this article some of the good things that you learn to beat the heat.

Staying cool: You have to keep yourself cool and also have to prevent yourself from the dehydration well. When the temperature gets rising then the humidity level is also high and it is the big sign of the danger. Because it increases the ability to perspire that is more difficult.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 318 people die each year in the United States. These people die from heat-related illnesses, that includes heat stroke.

Every human being immunity is not that much strong, as some people tolerate the extreme heat and some are not. But the children and old age people have more risk. To stay cool in the hot weather there are some recommendations as you can follow:

Drink plenty of fluids:

This is the devoted rule that you have to drink water before you feel thirsty. Because when you feel that you drink the water then your body is already getting dehydrated and you will suffer more.

If you cannot able to take the plain water then use the soft drink, lemon juices well. Drinking two to five times your normal amount of liquid will help keep you healthy while outdoors. Make yourself cool under the air conditioning Sydney units as this unit is able to take the fresh and cool air.

Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing:

As you know well that dark-coloured clothes tend to draw the heat, but the light coloured clothes allow the skin to breathe. You can also consider the hats sometimes if you are going outside of the home.

Avoid the sun during peak hours:

You should not go between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm because at this time the sun’s rays are very strong and harmful.

You have to avoid the sun exposure if possible, if you have any plan then make it for the morning and late evening hours. Even when it is cloudy climate still the sun’s rays are also damaging the skin more. On the other hand, if you live beside the sand and water then there is great damage occurs.

Apply sunscreen:

You have to apply a sunscreen with SPF  15 or greater as this is good for avoiding the sun rays to your skin.

It can also prevent yours from skin cancer. Darker skin tones, often to take longer to burn but they are also susceptible to UV damage and Skin Cancer.

Make sure you have to apply sunscreen after the suns and water exposure. If you feel that you are starting to burn, then quickly you have to apply the sunscreen, it’s best to get out of the heat altogether.

Signs of Dehydration:


Dry lips and tongue

Weakness, dizziness, or extreme fatigue


Muscle Cramps

Signs of Heat Stroke:

High fever – over 105 degrees

Throbbing headache

Failure to sweat

Rapid pulse

Red, dry skin

Dizziness, confusion




If you suspect that someone is suffering from heat stroke, immediately you have to call the doctors or any physician. You have to keep the victim under the ducted air conditioning Sydney units and make sure to lose their clothes well until the doctor arrives.


You have to keep close your curtains and doors during the hot hours. Due to that, it will prevent your home from the direct sunlight and also can cool your home well in some degrees.

You should turn off all the heat appliances like televisions, lights, and computers.

You should avoid running your dishwasher and dryer until the sun goes down.

Plant more trees and leafy trees in the surrounding of your home. They will also protect you from the sun’s rays and able to give you natural shade more.

You can turn on the programmable thermostat up to the high degrees when no one at the home. Also, you have to make sure that your air conditioners filters should be clean and function properly.

If you have your air conditioning unit for more than 12 years and above then you should buy the new one as they are more energy efficient. By following these things you can enjoy your summer happily and healthy.