Marrakech is one of the most desired destinations in Morocco having lively days and nights for the tourists who visit. The cultural centres, Museums, art galleries, gardens, and the busy souks, especially the most famous, Djemaa el Fna will keep you busy all day and even at night. Along with that all, there are numerous other Morocco tourist attractions you will find. the nightlife of Marrakech is its own significance and that is why Marrakech is so prominent in Arab Africa. The red city has a myriad of fun bars and clubs to make you enthralled and that go until the morning. Know about the bars and their situation before leaving for Marrakech, it will help you spend your time in a more better way.

Nikki Beach- Asian, Italian Bar

It is the leading Bar of Marrakech which is, in fact, a collection of restaurants, bars, and the swimming pools in the Parlimeraies area of the town. Shaking your body while dancing on the DJ’s beat, you can chase for the beauties of Morocco it is famous for. Along with this, you can have the drinks of your choice, ordering the food, melt of Asian and Italian tastes. While visiting Marrakech, you can try this spot to make the best of your time at night. Being there, you would have the option of Google map to find the place easily, otherwise, the address is mentioned here to help you, you might have no option to find the Bar.

# Route des Jardins de la Palmeraie, Annakhil, Marrakech-Safi, Morocco

Factory’z- Pub Grub

It is somehow a new Bar and a good add into the nightlife of Morocco offering you all the classes of Moroccan wines, beers, and cocktails under one roof. You can get the classy spirits and flap on the upbeats of the DJ’s fast music. By doing all this when you get hungry, Factory’z offers you the best tastes of the town including meat brochettes, burgers, and Salads of your choice.

Factory’z is a three-level bar and located in the colonial part of Marrakech. You find it if you have google map installed on your mobile phone.

# Rue Yougoslavie, Marrakech, Morocco

L’Epicurien- French, Moroccan, European

Offering the live entertainment, L’Epicurien is a unique styled Classic Bar. You can whoopee while dancing in pleasure with the upbeats of the two top local DJs. Sitting on the Sofas having high-class drinks in L’Epicurien can bring stunning experiences in Marrakech, a unique night out there is really fun. It remains open for you all night. It locates in the Upmarket area of Hivernage, you can get there by following the address given below.

# Rue Hafid Ibrahim, El Mazini, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco.

555 Famous Club- Night Club

It is a lavish Bar providing extensive lighting, a generous dance floor along with the famous DJs of the town. Because it is expensive, so it only attracts the tourists who can afford their out budget, elite from the locals and the celebrities. It is not very famous because it doesn’t extend its services to the general public and inspires people from the specific class. If you think you should go to 555 Famous Club, you can approach it on this address.

# Boulevard Mohamed VI, Mechouar-Kasbah, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco.

Pacha- Bar

Pacha is an international chain having its offshoots in Spain and in various countries of the world. It is a high fi nightclub which attracts both the locals and the tourists come to Marrakech. It remains open the whole night and can host up to three thousand guests keeps busy on weekends. Parcha is a spacious Bar including the most famous nightclub, a restaurant offering the Moroccan and European savours. It showcases the various DJ’s of the country each day to have a diversity of experiences You would be having in Pachar. To get into Paracha, follow the address Below.

# 21 Boulevard, Prince Moulay Abdellah, Méchouar-Kasbah, Marrakech.

Mama Afrika- Bar, Restaurant

The energetic 4.4 levelled Mama Afrika is a top place to spend a day. It also offers you entertainment of the live performances of the DJ’s to make you shake and dance on the floor the whole day. Why day? Because it remains open the whole day until 11 pm night. Alcohol of any classification you will ask is available in the bar, besides that, it has a lot of the local foreign dishes to add up into your enjoyment scene. You can have better enthralling experiences during your day out in Marrakech, the question is, how to get to the Bar? Simple is to put the address in the google map and you can easily get the needed place.

# Rue Oum Errabia, Marrakech, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco.


Sky Bar- Rooftop

By the name, it is obvious that the bar is on the rooftop of a commercial building in Marrakech. It is considered as one of the very romantic spots of the city because of its ideal sights including the golden sunset. The evening is the busiest time for the bar, locals and tourists visit there to enjoy the dishes and drinks it offers. It is ranked 3.3 on the google application and recommended by many tourists and locals visits there. Address to the destination is below.

Renaissance Hotel, Avenue Echouhada, Marrakech, Morocco.