A/B Testing Tools for Mobile Apps in 2019

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Mobile app A/B testing is the practice of analyzing mobile apps. This is done so that the developer can develop App free of all errors. Thus, using A/B testing is used to test different App those are randomly divided into the different segment. Thus for every application, we require the mobile app testing stage in the app development process.
Talking about A/B testing it is the practice of using A/B testing procedures to conduct several tests in different experiences within the mobile applications. The term mobile A/B testing contains two distinctions where testing A and testing B are being conducted out. The process of testing goes through two level of testing. Thus, the results after these variations of a test are helpful in knowing the flaws at different levels.

Few Mobile App A/B Testing Tools


For app developers, splitfroce offers simple A/B testing for mobile apps. Comparing with other mobile apps A/B testing tools, Splitforce is considered to be reasonable. Thus, the pricing model price and plan are segregated according to the users. If there is a new user and experienced user, they can opt for the respective plan.

One of the best features enabled with this platform is that user can download the app testing data and use it for further analysis. Apart from that, there is no need for additional coding from the users’ end.


It is considered as a great platform that offers mobile app users the fully integrated optimization solution from the testing point. With the use of it an app developer can develop an app for marketing services. This tool is creative and spontaneous as it does not limit itself to A/B testing zone.

A/B testing has giving options for the users to use it according to the requirement. There are plans options the users want to proceed with. There are both paid as well as free plans available. Therefore, it is available on a number of platforms which includes Android, iOS, Unity, HTML 5 and REST API.


This is another mobile app testing platform of Appsee offers the user with a technique to analyze their mobile apps A/B tests. This is a quite different technique that has the qualitative level to process the testing. It is helpful in improving the outcomes with accuracy when it comes about the App testing.

The app developers have got the authority to develop their own A/B tests with the help of this testing tool. It also allows users to collect all the insights of the mobile app testing with respect to each user session.


Here comes another top A/B testing tool for mobile applications that is Mixpanel. In the market it created its own impact for over the years. It is still considered as one of the most popular application testing tools. For learner who has basic programming knowledge can try out programming skills as well by making small changes in the app’s code using Mixpanel.

Thus, it allows the user to integrate with the existing app programming. Talking more about Mixpanel, the app developers can also get access to the analytics report of their mobile apps. Using that user can easily able to know how minute alters made can affect the application.

Benefits of using Mobile App A/B Testing

The benefits to running A/B tests on mobile apps is that it allows the user to test out different hypotheses for experiences within an application. Thus, the developers can make changes to the app based on actual data instead of gut instinct or clues. Apart from that, it allows users to analyze statistical confidence, likewise, observe what impact app and measure exactly how much that impact the App.

Another benefit of using a mobile A/B testing platform is that it allows developers to make changes directly to an app rather going through the app review process. This makes the process easier and allows the developer to make fixes and updates to live apps hassle less.

Bottom line

As we know that every app is different, and before broadcasting to it into the market there are countless changes that can be tested on mobile apps. Thus, A/B testing offers that sphere where developer feels easy and confident on their App before delivering it to the market. The major outcomes of conducting A/B testing are user onboarding, user retention, and user engagement rate.